Seasonal Hair Trends

Summer Festival – Afro Hair Trends

Get ready to rock a great new hairstyle in time for the summer festival season. Check out our looks for afro hair!

Get Ready for Summer

Get your hair into the best shape possible this summer with Afrotherapy's top tips for summer hair care...

Wedding Hair Ideas for Afro Hair

If you are planning your wedding, you'll love this article which gives inspirational bridal hairstyles for afro hair and tips on how to prepare your hair and skin in time for your big day.

Afro Hairstyles With Fringes

Shake up your hairstyle with a fringe for a great new look! Check out our fringed looks for inspiration then give us a ring or book online for a great new hairstyle.

Cornrow Hairstyles for Afro Hair

Cornrows & Plaited Hairstyles for Afro Hair - Afrotherapy Hair Salon, Edmonton, London Cornrows and plaited hairstyles have become increasingly popular for women with all hair types but can be a great way of keeping afro hair neat and pretty at the same time!

Prom Hair Ideas

Let the experts at Afrotherapy help you with your prom hairstyle. We can create the perfect party hairstyle to compliment you, your dress and your sense of style...

The Perfect Afro Hair Style

Did you know that there is the perfect hairstyle for your face shape? The trouble is, most of us are unsure what our face shape is!

Afro Hair Care Tips & Tricks

We all have different issues when it comes to our hair but there is usually something we can do to improve the situation. Check out our expert tips to help you with your afro & multi-textured hair problems...

Wedding Hair Ideas & Inspiration

2016 is a Leap Year, and that means that women can propose to their man on 29th February … will you be popping the question to the man of your dreams this February 29th?

Romantic Hairstyles

How will you be wearing your hair for your romantic date, have you decided?