Relaxer Treatments

Relaxer Treatments For Women With Afro Curly Hair at London’s Top Black Hairdressers

You’re just five steps away from sensational smooth hair at Afrotherapy – specialist afro hairdressers in the UK. At Afrotherapy Hair Salon in London, we understand the day to day styling needs of our valued clients and their afro, curly, multi-textured hair. Many of our clients seek us out, searching for expert black hairdressers in London who can straighten afro hair, soften afro curls and ultimately relax afro or multi-textured hair.

Please note:  Mizani Relaxers and Phytospecific relaxers are not applicable for the 20% student discount (only the Affirm Relaxers).

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Benefits of Relaxer Treatments on Afro or Curly Textured Hair

Relaxer Treatments for Afro Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London

  • Straighten afro hair
  • Smooth afro or curly textured hair
  • Soften your afro hairstyle
  • Make afro and curly hair less tangled
  • Manage your afro hairstyle easier
  • Reduce styling time spent on your afro or multi textured hair

Hair relaxers at Afrotherapy are created with YOU and your individual hair styling needs in mind. When relaxing afro hair, we take many factors into consideration such as;

  • What afro curl type are you?
  • How long is your afro or multitextured hair?
  • What is the condition of your afro hair?
  • Is your afro or multi textured hair suitable for a relaxer?
  • How would you like your afro hair to look after the relaxer? What hairstyle is on your wish list?
  • What is your home haircare routine like?

Whether you’re looking to straighten afro hair, smooth afro curls, reduce frizz of afro hair or curly textured hair, professional relaxer treatments at Afrotherapy salon will deliver exceptional results every time. Our talented team of specialist afro hairdressers are experts at creating smoother styles for our happy clients and their afro hair.

Afrotherapy’s 5 Step Moisturising Relaxer Service

At Afrotherapy Salon, we only use professional relaxers that use the latest relaxer technology to provide your afro hair with ultimate conditioning, superior straightening and smoothness with incredible manageability. Afrotherapy specialist afro hairdressing salon in London has developed a  unique 5 Step Relaxing System to ensure your hair is conditioned at each stage of the relaxer process leaving your hair beautifully relaxed and healthy.

Relaxer Brands at Afrotherapy Salon, London

Our expert team of afro hairdressers call on the technology, scientific research and proven results when selected the right relaxer treatment for you. As an award winning afro salon in London, we have spent many years honing our skills with relaxer treatments for black and mutitextured hair.  Throughout our journey as London’s leading afro hairdressers, we have tried and tested many relaxer systems with only a few making the cut to be featured in our exclusive UK afro hair salon. We are proud to use the following salon professional relaxer treatment brands;

  • Mizani – the afro relaxer brand from L’Oreal Professional is specifically forumlated for afro/multi textured hair
  • Affirm – a very popular relaxer from the Avlon and KeraCare family
  • Phytospecific – Michelle Obama’s favourite relaxer is a premium and ‘natural’ plant based relaxer which is gentle on the hair.

Treatment Services at Afrotherapy Salon, London

In addition to your relaxer treatment at Afrotherapy, we recommend our range of treatments to help condition, moisture and protect the hair and scalp. All our treatment services include a complimentary head massage for a luxurious and relaxing salon experience. Our popular menu of treatments help target specific problems for our clients with afro, multi textured and curly textured hair. Click here for more information on our treatment services.