Book Your January Hair Appointment

Are you stuck in a hair rut?  If you’ve been wearing your hair in the same old style for the past few years, it’s time for a change.

Hair cutting techniques and hair colour technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the past decade.  Our Afrotherapy hair experts can create a hairstyle that suits you, your lifestyle and your unique sense of style.  We can also help you to transition from natural to relaxed hair and vice versa, and we are experts in applying weaves and braids and delivering sensational hair colour.

Book in now for your New Year makeover in January or February. Call us on 020 8345 5621 or book online.

Have a Hair Colour Makeover at Afrotherapy Salon, Edmonton

Afro and multi-textured hair needs professional help when it comes to achieving a rich colour that leaves your hair looking and feeling soft and smooth.  We will fully assess your hair before deciding the best course of action or colour technique.  We will look at the type of curl, your current hair colour, hair condition and whether you use chemical processes on your afro hair.

Enjoy Longer Hair With A Hair Weave

We can give you longer hair, more volume, straight shiny hair or add a great new colour by using hair extensions or weaves.  At Afrotherapy in Edmonton we use a number of different techniques to apply hair weaves.  Talk to one of our expert stylists about the look you want to achieve.  

Go Sassy With A Short Hair Cut for 2016 

Consider having your hair cut short and tapered into the neck, opt for a short bob or embrace your natural curls.  A vibrant new colour too and you’ll be sure to turn heads with your show-stopping new look for the New Year.  Happy New Year everyone!