New Year Resolution: Get A Hair Makeover

Improve Your Afro Hair in 2016 at Afrotherapy Hair in Edmonton

Edmonton Hair Salon BestA great New Year resolution that is well within your reach is to have a makeover.  If you’ve been working the same old hairstyle for years, why not make a change for 2016?

A makeover can give you a massive boost in confidence and that often has a knock-on effect in other areas of your life.  You may find the confidence to socialise more, apply for that job or promotion, or try that Hiit class!

The hair and colour technicians at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton are trained to understand which hairstyles suit different face shapes and which hair colours will look best with skin tone and eye colour.  Your stylist will listen to your likes and dislikes and advise you on some hairstyles that will be perfect for you.

We can also create superb hair colours, weaves, relaxed hair and can get your afro hair in tip-top condition with one of our specialist conditioning treatments.    

Whatever your needs, we are here to help men and women achieve the hair of their dreams in 2016.  Give us a call now on 020 8345 5621 or book online.