Detangling natural and transitioning hair

Detangling natural and transitioning hair can be tedious and damaging to your hair if not done in the proper and correct way. Understanding the correct methods of detangling will help eliminate unnecessary breakage, reduce the pain factor (especially for those that have tender scalps) and reduce time spent doing it.

Here are some tips that will help ease the process and give you better results

Invest in the right detangling product

  • Choosing a product that also has conditioning abilities will help aid the process of detangling process by softening the hair.
  • There are many different detanglers in the market that do slightly different things for different hair types; for example, Mizani’s D’tangle Moisturising Leave-in Milk works by detangling and adding moisture at the same time. This leaves hair looking and feeling healthy and radiant.
  • Phytospecific’s Miss Magic Detangling Spray (which is one of many products that is made specifically for kids) is also good for those that have curls.

Ensure to detangle your hair while it is wet

  • Detangling while you are in the shower under running water is ideal but you can choose to detangle after coming out of the shower or while you have conditioner in your hair. Detangling hair while dry will just cause the hair to break.

Invest in a detangling brush/comb

  • The Tangle Teaser is great at detangling all types of hair. The design allows you to detangle with ease including natural and transitioning hair.
  • Do not use fine tooth combs to detangle your hair(especially if you are transitioning or natural (this will just be painful and you will have a lot of breakage).Use a good wide tooth comb or something to that effect.

Understand the correct method of detangling

  • Start from tip to root working your way up slowly ensuring you take care to avoid breakage.
  • If you are transitioning, you need to understand that you have 2 completely different textures in your hair, be patient and work gently while detangling.
  • Detangling doesn’t always mean using a comb or a

Understand your hair and what it likes

  • Not everyone’s hair reacts the same way to products or equipments. Learn what works best for your hair by try different things. When you find something you like and gives you good results, stick to it .
  • Work out a time when you can detangle you hair and generally look after your hair. This will mean you will have a regular routine. That way you can avoid rushing the process which could lead to unnecessary breakage.