Treatment Services

Treatment Services at Afrotherapy Salon, London

IMG_8572Afro and multi-textured hair requires good care and attention in order to remain in optimum condition.

Whether you have natural afro hair that has not been treated or coloured, you have relaxed afro or multi-textured hair or you have coloured your afro or textured curly hair then there is a specific Afrotherapy treatment for you.

We have developed our treatment menu at our London afro salon following extensive research into the specific needs of our clients. We listen to our clients and react to their requirements when it comes to restoring and maintaining the condition of afro hair

Our popular menu of afro hair treatments help target specific problems for our clients with afro, multi textured and curly textured hair. Our extensive range of hair treatments are a popular add-on for the majority of our clients.

With proven formulas and incredible results, our range of hair and scalp treatments with help condition, moisture the hair and protect the hair and scalp.

All Afrotherapy in-salon treatment services include a complimentary head massage for a luxurious and relaxing salon experience.

1.  Deep Conditioning Treatment A moisturing and conditioning treatment for afro hair designed to infuse the hair with moisture leaving it soft and manageable.

2. Custom Blend Treatment A customised treatment for dry or breaking afro hair.

3. Scalp Care Treatment A soothing treatment for relieving dry or itchy scalp. This service is designed for clients with moderate to severe scalp problems and has been developed to regulate problematic scalps and promote healthy looking hair.

4. Renew Strength Treatment A 3-step customised treatment for clients needing a treatment for moderate to severely damaged afro hair. This customisable system will reconstruct weak, damaged hair as well as increase the elasticity and strength of the afro or multitextured hair.

5. Moisturfusion Treatment The Moisturfusion Ultra Hydrating System helps restore and bind moisture to the hair with four high-performance relaxer formulas. Created to work in synergy, each formula targets specific layers of the hair to instantly replenish moisture, add silkiness and improve manageability from the inside out.

6. Au Naturel Treatment The Au  Naturel Treatment is a customised blend of moisture, protein and oils which revitalise natural hair. With prices for additional treatment services from £15.00, complete your salon experience and treat your hair to a relaxing, rejuvenating treatment from our extensive menu at your next appointment at  our London Hair Salon, Afrotherapy.

Home Hair Care from Afrotherapy

Dont forget!  In addition to our treatment menu, we also stock the full range of afro and multi-textured home haircare products in our online shop for you to continue to maintain the life and look of your hair. Brands include Mizani, KeraCare, Moroccanoil, CURLS, Design Essentials, Ferm, FRO, Mixed Chicks and many more.