Colouring Afro Hair

Hair Colour for Afro and Multi-Textured Curly Hair from Afrotherapy, London

Your afro hair is beautiful but sometimes we all feel the need to add a bit of vibrancy and inject some colour into your curly afro or multi-textured hair. Colouring afro hair is a complex process that should only be undertaken by a professional afro-specific hair salon like Afrotherapy, London.

Afro and multi-textured hair is naturally dry and brittle so colouring afro hair needs a professional expert who will prescribe the perfect hair colouring process and products to ensure your hair is completely cared for.

Please note : If you are having a permanent hair colour you will require a skin test 48 hours prior to service. 

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Colouring Afro Hair

Afrotherapy Hair Colour Transformation, Colouring Afro Hair at Top Afro Hair Salon in Edmonton, LondonThe hair colour process at Afrotherapy hairdressers in London will always commence with a hair colour consultation with your Afrotherapy colour technician.

This hair colour consultation allows our friendly and creative team to get to know a little more about you and your hair, the look you’re trying to achieve and your ideas behind your chosen hair colour.

We will assess your hair and consider the type of curl, current hair colour, current hair condition and whether you use chemical processes on your afro hair.. We also like to chat through a little bit about you and your lifestyle and home hair care routine (to ensure that the best results are achieved and you hair colour will last).  

If you have any ideas of the kind of hair colour you would like to recreate, please bring any photos along that have caught your eye so your stylist can fully understand the hair colour you require.

Goldwell Colour for Afro Hair

At Afrotherapy, colouring afro and textured hair requires many years of honing afro hairdressing skills, continued training and expertise. Colouring afro hair should always be undertaken by a professional afro hairdresser. Home colour kits do not contain the same ingredients as professional products and due to the nature of afro hair, you need an afro hairdressing expert on your side to deliver even, correctly processed and beautiful hair colour.

We use Goldwell hair colour with our valued clients at Afrotherapy, believing Goldwell to be the best hair colour brand for afro and multi textured hair. The rich vibrant colourson the Goldwell spectrum are delivered with a signature moisture and gloss which ensures your hair colour looks and feels incredible.

Hair Colour Services at Afrotherapy, London

As specialist afro hairdressers in London, we offer the full range of hair colour services for afro and multi textured hair at Afrotherapy;

  • Semi permanent hair colour
  • Full head tint
  • Tint regrowth
  • T-section
  • 1/2 head highlights
  • Full head highlights
  • Creative colour

OLAPLEX For Afro Hair Colour Services

Afrotherapy Colour Transformation, OLAPLEX at Top Afro Hair Salon in Edmonton, LondonHave you heard about the hair colour game changer, OLAPLEX? OLAPLEX can be added during the hair colouring process for instant protection and to help strengthen the bonds in fragile hair.

We highly recommend this product to all hair types if you are lightening your hair. Afro or multi textured hair can become dry and fragile easily and this risk is intensified when you add bleach to your hair whilst trying to add fun colours or lighten it. Widen the range of hair colours that you can try with this miracle product! Don’t believe us? Check out our Afrotherapy client’s dramatic hair colour transformation (left). 

It can also be used as a stand-alone hair treatment for hair that is already compromised – and there is even an OLAPLEX take home product so you can continue to look after your hair at home.


Afrotherapy Client Colour Makeover

Harriet Kessie-Cudjoe and Michelle Garande from Afrotherapy Salon created this great new cut and colour for Jen, a client who was tired of her natural colour and wanted a brand new look.

Additional Treatments at Afrotherapy Salon, London

Consider a specific treatment from Afrotherapy when colouring your hair to inject moisture, shine and revitalise your hair or scalp. Our treatments are designed and customised to meet the specific needs of your hair and are suitable for all hair types. All treatments are additional to the hair colouring price and include a complimentary relaxing and smoothing head massage;

1) Deep Conditioning – moisturising treatment for afro hair
2) Custom Blend – customised treatment for dry or breaking afro hair
3) Au Naturel – revitalises natural afro or multi textured hair
4) Dry & Itchy Scalp – soothing treatment for relieving dry or itchy scalp
5) RenewStrength – 3 Step customised treatment for moderately damaged afro hair
6) Moisturfusion – 4 Step treatment for extremely dry or brittle afro hair

Award Winning Hair Colour at Afrotherapy, London

Creativity and the dynamic, forward thinking approach adopted by all Afrotherapy colour technicians has been recognised by industry leaders. Thanks to our dedication to customer care, coupled with the innovation to deliver dynamic afro hair colour, Afrotherapy has been awarded many accolades for our dedication to afro hairdressing.

In choosing Afrotherapy, London for your hair colour and afro multi textured hair needs, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of passionate professionals committed to delivering world class afro hair services. We regularly welcome international guests to our London afro hair salon who benefit from our years of experience and continued training and expertise.

To book your next hair appointment at Afrotherapy Salon, call our North London afro hairdressers on 020 8345 5621.