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Meet our stylists who are here to create the perfect hairstyle for you!

We are trained in the latest cutting, styling and colouring techniques and are award-winning experts in afro, mixed race and multi-textured hair.

Great customer service is important to us so we will always listen to your needs and work with you to create a hairstyle you’ll love!  We are a friendly and approachable group of professionals who look forward to welcoming you to Afrotherapy soon.

The Team

Marketing & Operations Director Joseph Cudjoe bought his first pair of hair clippers at the age of 15 and couldn't wait to put his skills  to the test.  He quickly established himself as a talented hairdresser offering the latest designs, patterns and fades for men's hair. With a keen entrepreneurial spirit, it wasn't long before Joseph  enrolled on a Business & Finance course where he gained a BTEC National Diploma.  He went on to complete a degree in Marketing & Operations Management and gained a Diploma in Executive Coaching. What do you love most about hairdressing?      The creativity, constantly changing trends and the opportunity to make a real difference in the afro sector by introducing professionalism, training and opportunities for our employees to excel within the industry.  My desire is to build a strong and successful team who can go on to achieve great things within the industry for themselves and for the company. Who do you most admire in the hairdressing industry and why?    Toni Mascolo for his business acumen in turning Toni and Guy into a worldwide hairdressing brand; Alan Austin Smith, the author of Fantastic Hairdresser, Fantastic Boss and Fantastic Salon who has really captured the essence of what it means to be a hairdresser, and  Andrew Phouli and Stelios Andrew who in a short space of time have created a fantastic business and salon group called Rush and have defined a defining image for themselves.

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Say hello to our Stylist Michelle who tells us what she loves loves the hairdressing industry and working at Afrotherapy... Which hairstyle, colour or treatment do you absolutely love to create and why?   There are many hairstyles that I love creating, it is very had to pick which I would say is my absolute favourite; however if I have to choose I would say the 40s waves, I absolutely love all hairstyles from the 40s, so classic, sexy and elegant. I am a big fan of the old black and white movies, I love this hairstyle as seen worn by movie stars such as Rita Hayworth, Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers just to name a few. Why do you love working at Afrotherapy?  I love working at Afrotherapy because we are more of a family than just colleagues, we have a great support system from the salon partners, Joseph and Harriet Cudjoe, absolutely the best employers I have had,  They are always there to guide, nurture and show support whether it's work-related or personal. I have grown, matured and realised my full potential as a hairdresser since I joined Afrotherapy, so I love where I work. I am thankful everyday that I work at Afrotherapy. What makes you laugh?   Different things make me laugh. It’s hard to pinpoint one individual thing but I can name a few, watching re-runs of “Friends” (one of my favourite programmes), my son when he’s trying to act innocent and shy, Kevin Hart (one of the funniest comedians), reminiscing with my sisters about the things we used to do when we where young. How would you describe your sense of style?   I would love to say am a fashionista but unfortunately that would be untrue! I am still working on my style. I normally just throw things together - it seems to be working at the moment. However, in terms of my hairstyles they are always big and a bit avant garde, I love red hair - not too bright, more of a burgundy colour. Who do you most admire?   I admire quiet a lot of people.  In the hairdressing industry I admire the great and iconic hairdressers such as Vidal Sasson, Angelo Seminara, Trevor Sorbie, and Laetitia Guenoau to name a few. However, I admire my mum most of all because she is a hard working, kind, caring woman and is always there for me no matter what. She has and continues to do a lot for our family. Have you won any awards?  I started entering awards in my first year of joining Afrotherapy Salon and so far I have won the following awards.  Hopefully there's more to come:
  • Winner, Braid Stylist of The Year 2015 - Black Beauty / Sensationnel Awards 2015
  • Finalist, Avant Garde Stylist of The Year 2015 - Black Beauty / Sensationnel Awards 2015
  • 2nd Place Winner, Fantasy Stylist of The Year - Afro Hair & Beauty Show 2015
  • Winner, Avant Garde Stylist of The Year 2014 - Black Beauty / Sensationnel Awards 2014
  • Winner, Braid Stylist of The Year 2014 - Black Beauty / Sensationnel Awards 2014
  • Winner, Fantasy Stylist of the Year - Afro Hair & Beauty Show 2014
  • Finalist, L'Oreal Colour Trophy - Mizani Afro Look Award 2014
  • Winner, Avant Garde Stylist of The Year - Black Beauty / Sensationnel Awards 2013
  • Finalist, Braid Stylist of The Year - Black Beauty / Sensationnel Awards 2013
  • Finalist, Styling Team of The Year - Black Beauty / Sensationnel Awards 2013
  • Winner, Fantasy Stylist of The Year - Afro Hair & Beauty Show 2013
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Afrotherapy co-founder Harriet Cudjoe (nee Kessie) is a talented Creative Director.  She has been passionate about hair and, in particular, multi textured, mixed race and afro hair since the age of 15.  Her extraordinary talent and commitment to the industry has seen her styling hair for over 24 years, winning numerous hairdressing awards along the way and her work widely published in both the trade and consumer press. When not working in the salon, you'll find her on hair and fashion shoots for various hair and fashion magazines, training and developing her team or providing comment and advice as a Hair Expert.[clear] What do you love most about hairdressing?   I love making people look and feel fantastic.  I can't think of any other job that allows me to be able to do that everyday.  It allows me to be able to express myself including my beliefs and values.  It also gives me the opportunity to nurture and mentor young people.  I find great satisfaction in seeing individuals I've trained progress and be successful. My job also allows me to meet different people from all walks of life. My clients have actually taught me a lot over the years through the interaction that we have and I love learning all the time, so this is a great aspect of my job. Who do you admire in the hairdressing industry and why?  There are so many brilliant individuals within the industry.  Vidal Sassoon is a true inspiration and a great ambassador for the industry.  Observing Errol Douglas over the years has taught me to never quit.  I'm inspired by the creativity of people like Desmond Murray and Angelo Seminara.  Also the longevity of people like Charlie Miller and how he has developed his team, kept it as a family business, yet inspired the team to achieve.  I'm also inspired by women like Beverly Cobella and Fiona O'Brien who are leaders in their field, yet have to maintain a family balance. From the perspective of the business side of the industry, I admire Toni Mascolo of Toni & Guy for their business acumen. What awards have you won over the years? I have been fortunate enough to have won several Business & Hairdressing Awards.  These include:
  • Winner, Styling Team of The Year - Black Beauty/WAHL Awards
  • Finalist, L'Oreal Colour Trophy - Mizani Afro Look Award
  • National Finalist - HSBC Start Up Awards
  • Winner, Rising Star of The Year - Black Enterprise Awards
  • Finalist, Avant Garde Stylist of The Year - Black Beauty/WAHL Awards
  • Finalists in 3 categories of the Business Link For London Excellence Awards
  • Regional Finalist - Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of The Year
  • Winner, Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year - Afro Hair and Beauty

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