Children’s Hair

Afrotherapy – Afro and Multi Textured Hairdressers for Children in London

Children's Hair Cuts & Styling at Top Afro Hair Salon in Edmonton, LondonChildren with afro or multi textured and mixed race hair types need specific styling and specialist hairdressing techniques to ensure that they’re natural afro, curly textured hair stays manageable and in beautiful condition.

If you’re a parent of a mixed race child or a child with very curly hair, you’ll know the challenges faced by parents trying to keep their little one’s gorgeous curls in the best condition possible.

Curly hair and in particular afro and mixed race hair types are very different in texture to those with straighter hair. As such, a good haircare routine is important and will save styling stress for both parent and child.

We can help you to style and create a great haircare routine at home and we’ll even give your little one some pampering time of their own at our child friendly afro salon in Edmonton.


Child-Friendly Afro Salon in London

At Afrotherapy hair salon in London we have a fantastic reputation when it comes to our younger clients. As parents ourselves, we understand how to converse with children visiting our salon and make them feel empowered and involved in the decisions regarding their hair.

Not only can we put very young children at ease, but we will also talk to older children with a real direct adult approach, helping to educate them on their hair type and help them to understand the styling and hair care routine needs.

Children naturally sometimes don’t like listening to Mum and Dad when it comes to the importance of good hair care, but our stylists have a brilliant way with our young clients, helping them to understand their hair treatments and give them clear, understandable advice when maintaining their hair.


Top Tips for Children With Afro, Mixed Race or Multi Textured Curly Hair

Child Friendly Afro Hair Salon in LondonMany adults know how to care for their own natural curls at home, however children’s hair does need to be treated differently. The afro hair experts at Afrotherapy can help with some top tips for keeping your youngsters curls in great condition between salon visits:

  • Washing – washing the hair every day will strip the hair of its natural oils and dry out curls so don’t wash your child’s hair every day. (Most young children like this one!)
  • Products – pick a suitable moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Your Afrotherapy stylist will be able to advise the perfect products to maintain your natural curls
  • Check ingredients – children’s hair care should not contain too many chemicals so avoid ingredients such as parabens, alcohol and sulphates
  • Brushing – when brushing afro, mixed race hair or multi textured curly hair make sure hair is wet and use a wide tooth comb with conditioner or detangling spray
  • Styling – don’t cause a build up on the hair and weigh down curls with too much product such as gel or mousse


Hair Products for Children with Afro, Mixed Race & Curly Textured Hair

Hair products for Children with afro, mixed race and multi textured hair should be selected with caution. There are many different products on the market for children and parents can find it a struggle to decide on a product that will tame frizz, smooth curls and be safe to use on little ones. Our professional hairdressers in London will be able to assess your child’s hair and curl type, giving you sound advice on the right type of washing and styling products for your child. We stock a full range of children’s hair care in our online shop at