The Science of Afro Hair

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Our expert stylist Michelle talks about the science of afro hair and gives you some top tips on how to care for your hair.

The Structure of Afro Hair

Afro and multi-textured hair tends to be dry because the sebum or oil that is naturally produced by the scalp struggles to travel through your curls down the hair’s shaft.   The texture of afro hair varies along the hair’s shaft because of the curls.  This can give your hair a weaker structure which means it is prone to breakage. 

The Difference Between Natural and Relaxed Hair

Relaxers are used to make the hair look straighter.  They reconstruct the texture of your hair which tends to make it more manageable.   However, relaxing also weakens the hair by removing some of its elasticity, which makes it prone to breakage.     Protein treatments combat the weakening effects of the chemicals in relaxers, and regular moisturising treatments are a must.  

Keeping your hair in its natural state means your hair will be much curlier than with a relaxer.  It also means it will be less prone to breakage, especially if you keep an eye on the protein and moisture levels in your hair.  You may, therefore, be able to grow your hair longer than if it was relaxed. 

Caring for Afro & Multi-Textured Hair

The good news is that we can nurse your hair back to health.  The team at Afrotherapy have the expertise and technology to assess the health of your scalp and hair and to prescribe the right products and treatments to get results. 

When washing your hair you need a gentle shampoo that will not strip the hair of the oils it needs to thrive.  It is important to also get the right balance between protein and moisture in your hair.  If your hair is breaking off or shedding it’s highly likely that your moisture and protein levels are off balance. We can help return your hair to a healthy state with custom-blended infusions at reasonable prices.  Read more about how to get healthy hair here…

Afro Hair Treatments at Afrotherapy

We offer a variety of custom-blended treatments which are a mixture of protein and moisture infusions priced at £29.50.

Moisture treatments include:

  • Moistufusion from Mizani
  • Curl replenish from Mizani
  • Curl hydration from Phytospecific
  • Rich hydration from Phytospecific
  • Intense hydrating mask from Moroccanoil

 Protein treatments include:

  • Kerafuse from Mizani
  • Fiberfyl from Mizani
  • Deep repairing mask from Phytospecific
  • Restorative hair mask from Moroccanoil
  • Super reconstructor from Keracare

If you have any hair concerns, please book in for a complimentary hair consultation at Afrotherapy.  We have the knowledge and expertise to transform your hair. 

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