How to grow healthy hair

The importance of a protein and moisture balance to maintain healthy hair

If you suffer from hair that breaks and sheds or is too greasy and simply will not hold your curls, you’ve come to the right place! It is important to maintain the right level of moisture and protein in your hair if you want it to be strong and healthy.  

This level is different for each individual so it’s up to your and your Afrotherapy stylist to work out a plan that works best for you . We are experts in working with naturally curly, afro and multi-texture hair and we can recommend some fantastic products which will deliver results.  

But first, let’s explain a bit more about the hair’s protein and moisture…   

Too much moisture in my afro hair

Moisture is important for your hair because it helps it maintain its elasticity, which prevents breakage.  However, the sun, wind and environmental factors can cause hair to start to lose its moisture.  As a result your hair may become brittle and break or shed.   It’s important we get the balance of moisture and protein just right if you want your hair to look and feel healthy again.  At Afrotherapy we can custom-blend a mixture of protein and moisture to give you the perfect hair treatment.

Too much protein in my afro hair

Protein gives our hair its strength and structure, helping to rebuild weakened areas and keep the hair’s shaft healthy.  If you have too much protein in your hair it will easily break and become difficult to manage and style.  Too little protein and your hair will stretch and break.  As a general rule, protein treatments should be carried out once a month and moisture treatments in between these monthly rituals.   If your hair is in a particularly bad way we may recommend more intense treatments.

Customised Moisture & Protein Hair Treatments at Afrotherapy Hairdressers, Edmonton

At Afrotherapy we are highly trained to analyse and assess your hair’s needs.  We offer a variety of custom-blended treatments which are a mixture of protein and moisture infusions priced at £29.50. afro hair treatments at AFrotherapyMoisture treatments include:

  • Moistufusion from Mizani
  • Curl replenish from Mizani
  • Curl hydration from Phytospecific
  • Rich hydration from Phytospecific
  • Intense hydrating mask from Moroccanoil


Protein treatments include:
  • Kerafuse from Mizani
  • Fiberfyl from Mizani
  • Deep repairing mask from Phytospecific
  • Restorative hair mask from Moroccanoil
  • Super reconstructor from Keracare