Spring Hair Care & Trends

Prepare Afro Hair for Summer at Afrotherapy Hair Salon, Edmonton

As we say goodbye to the chilly winter months it’s time to get our hair into shape for the spring and summer months.  Afro and multi-textured hair needs extra special care, especially when your hair’s breaking and feeling dry and dull and your scalp’s become dry and itchy. These are the most important steps to get your hair into tip-top condition for spring 2015:

  • Remove braids
  • Let your hair down
  • Inject some moisture into your hair

At Afrotherapy we offer a great range of specialist afro hair care treatments which will help to condition and moisturise the hair and protect the hair and scalp. All our Afrotherapy in-salon treatment services include a complimentary head massage for a luxurious and relaxing salon experience. We’d recommend you come in to have your hair and scalp analysed by our experts.  We can then find a treatment or product range that suits you and remember, we now stock the fantastic botanical range of Phyto Specific products which work fantastically well on natural coiled, naturally curly, afro, relaxed, dry and damaged hair.

Spring Hair Ideas for Multi-Textured Hair at Afrotherapy Hairdressers, Edmonton

We’ve seen a move towards more natural hair styling for women with afro curls and multi-textured hair.  During the spring months you should consider letting your hair down and showing off its natural texture.  Of course, it will need to be in great condition and have a great hair cut if you want it to look good.  Book your appointment now at Afrotherapy hairdressing salon in Edmonton by calling us on 020 8345 5621 and we will help to transform your hair this spring-time.