Phyto Specific

Great new Phyto Specific product range at Afrotherapy Hair in Edmonton

phytospecific products We’ve introduced a great new range of products at Afrotherapy that are designed specifically for naturally curl, afro and relaxed or colour treated hair. phytospecific modelsOur range of Phyto Specific hair treatments are designed to pamper every kind of curly hair type including natural coiled, naturally curly, afro, relaxed, dry and damaged.  This high-performance, luxurious, botanical line includes plant oils that will moisturise and nourish your hair and scalp without leaving it feeling greasy. The range includes shampoos and conditioners, styling creams and pomades, boosting sprays and anti-hair loss products.  A must-have if you have dehydrated hair is the Baobaboil which is a rejuvenating elixir for dry hair which consists of eight special oils. Prices start from £29.50 or you can simply ask for a special oil treatment to hydrate your scalp when you have your next hair wash.  Available for just £5.

Your Guide to Phyto Specific


  Natural Coiled Natural Curly Relaxed Dry & Damaged
Pre-Shampoo Baobaboil Baobaboil Baobab0il Baobaboil
Shampoo Rich Hydration Shampoo Curl Hydration Shampoo Ultra-Smoothing Shampoo Deep Repairing Shampoo
Conditioner Rich Hydration Mask Curl Hydration Mask Ultra-Smoothing Mask Deep repairing Cream Bath
Styling & Finishing
Hair Thinning
Repair Ultra-repair Night Cream Ultra-repair Night Cream Ultra-repair Night Cream Ultra-repair Night Cream
Dietary Supplements Cap’Energy Cap’Energy Cap’Energy Cap’Energy