Short Afro Hair Ideas

Short Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Afro Hair – Edmonton Hair Salon

Summer is a great time to embrace a shorter hairstyle.  Short afro hair has a LOT going for it.  It’s low maintenance so is easy to manage, you can cut away any nasty broken hair ends, and we’ll make your fresh new hairstyle look fabulous!

The team at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton, North London, are specialists in dealing with afro and multi-textured hair so your hair is in good hands with us.  If you’re looking for a short hairstyle, take inspiration from our gallery of images below.

Or maybe you’ve seen a hairstyle you LOVE.  Bring in a photo to show to your stylist so we can recreate that look for you.  We’ll give you honest feedback about the condition of your hair and can tell you whether this look will suit you.  

Call Afrotherapy hair salon on 020 8345 5621 to book your hair appointment.  See you soon!