How to Deep Condition Afro Hair

Tips to Deep Conditioning Afro Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London

Want lustrous, shiny hair? If so, consider having a regular deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning Afro hair is critical to achieving bouncy, luxurious, healthy hair and should be added to any hair care regimen. 

At Afrotherapy Afro Hair Salon in Edmonton, we offer a range of deep conditioning treatments for healthier afro hair. In addition to our treatments, we stock a range of afro hair care products that aids in achieving both healthy scalp and hair. Being experts in afro hair, mixed race hair, multi-textured and curly hair,  we know how crucial it is to care for and strengthen afro hair. You can buy any our partners’ products in our hair salon or purchase online from our online store that offers next day delivery.

To find out whether your hair needs a deep conditioning treatment,  there are some signs you need to look out for and we will help you identify them, as well as provide you with a few tips on how to look after your scalp. For further information on our treatments, or to book an appointment by calling us on 020 8345 5621.

When Should I Deep Condition My Natural Hair?

If your hair is chemically relaxed or colour-treated, or if you tend to use heat styling tools often, deep conditioning your hair is key to keeping it healthy and vibrant. How often you must deep condition your hair depends on the individual state of our hair – there is no one set rule for everyone. However, the need to deep condition your hair can also be influenced by a number of things, like whether or not your hair is damaged, dry, frizzy or chemically relaxed. Those considerations must be taken into account, along with your hair’s general condition, when you determine how often you’ll need to deep condition your hair.

If your hair is severely damaged, your hair will benefit more from a weekly deep conditioning treatment until the hair begins to recover. At our North London Afro hair salon, our expert stylists will assess your hair and scalp health and provide you with further information as well as a healthy hair care plan. 

What Are the best Treatments for Deep Conditioning Afro Hair?

Deep conditioning afro hair can take place with either a moisturizing deep conditioner or a reconstructor protein-based treatment. Moisturizing deep conditioning should occur most often, and protein deep conditioning should occur less frequently. Deep conditioning treatments vary depending on your hair thickness and the state of hair.

We offer a range of deep conditioning treatments here at Afrotherapy. Our ‘Deep Conditioning Treatment’ is a moisturing and conditioning treatment for afro hair designed to infuse the hair with moisture leaving it soft and manageable. If your hair is severely damaged our ‘Renew Strength Treatment’, 3-step customised treatment will reconstruct weak, damaged hair as well as increase the elasticity and strength of the afro or multitextured hair

How to Deep Condition Afro Hair At Home

To maintain the health of your hair after you have had one of our treatments, opt for an at-home deep conditioner that is creamy with a thick consistency.  The Hairfinity Strengthening Amino Mask is a reparative formula that works by infusing amino acids into the hair shaft, reinforcing the cuticle for stronger, smoother healthier results. Proven to reduce hair breakage up to 90%. It is infused with the exclusive CAPILSANA® COMPLEX that delivers a unique blend of bioactive Hydrolyzed Collagen, MSM for hair vitality, and nourishing Horsetail.