Cornrow Hairstyles for Afro Hair

Cornrows & Plaited Hairstyles for Afro Hair – Afrotherapy Hair Salon, Edmonton, London

Cornrows and plaited hairstyles have become increasingly popular for women with all hair types but can be a great way of keeping afro hair neat and pretty at the same time!

It takes time, skill and patience to create a full head of cornrows, so why not let the afro hair specialists at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton create a gorgeous plaited hairstyle for you?

One word of advice … give your hair a break from tight cornrows and plaits every few months.  Tight plaiting which causes tension is a major cause of hair loss for people with afro hair.  While it’s likely your hair will regrow, it may become weak over time.  It’s worth looking after your hair and scalp by wearing your hair loose and natural sometimes too.

If you are suffering from thinning hair, we can check your scalp health, hair porosity and condition and suggest treatments that can help the situation.  Find out what you can do about hair loss here

Check out these lovely hairstyles for women with afro and naturally curly hair.