Afro Hair Care Products

Afro Hair Products at Afrotherapy Hair Salon, Edmonton

Afro hair is one the most versatile hair types –  it is naturally curly which means it can be braided and can be long or short depending on shrinkage for that day. It does not flow with the wind, but you can rock any hairstyle you want with it – cornrows, top knot or tight curls.

Afro hair has its flaws too. When worn naturally, it requires much attention, regular haircuts, conditioning and moisturising. The beauty industry has for long ignored afro hair, but continued demand for afro hair care products has brought about the uprising of production of hair care products meant specifically for the nurturing and styling of afro hair.

Being experts in afro hair, mixed race hair, multi-textured and curly hair, Afrotherapy, the specialist afro salon in Edmonton,  know how crucial it is to care for and strengthen afro hair. Being on the list of London’s top Afro hairdressers for some years now, has given us the chance to sample several specialist afro hair care products. To keep up with the demand of our local, national and international clients, we have affiliated with top afro hair brands to supply premium Afro hair care products on our online shop.

You can buy any our partners’ products in our hair salon or purchase online from our online store that offers next day delivery.

Hairfinity Products to Grow Longer at Top Afro Hair Salon in North London

Afro Hair Care ProductsHairfinity hair products are full of nutrition to give your hair the nourishment it needs. The exclusive Hairfinity range gives your hair natural occurring building blocks owing to fortifying amino acids in Hydrolyzed Collagen, hair enhancing horsetail with silica and vitality giving sulphur-containing MSM – this efficient combo promotes gorgeous and luxurious hair from the inside out.


PhytoSpecific Afro Hair Shampoos & Conditioners at Afrotherapy

Afro Hair Care ProductsThe PhytoSpecific product range stays with the tradition of blending active nutritious and botanical oil into a luxurious whole product, using the latest advancement in extraction technology.

We have found new ways to care for both hair and scalp through research. Every formula has been created to cater specifically for the different hair types. From relaxed to naturally curly, and in between, the Phytospecific product range offers specific, expert hair care regimen designed to restore hair to its best state.