Afro Hair Care Tips

Braided Hair Care Tips at Afrotherapy Hair Salon, London

Afrotherapy stylists are experts at braiding hair and also provide before and after braiding tips. It’s best to deep condition your hair for at least 1-2 weeks before actually having your hair braided.  This is to ensure your natural hair is moisturised and strong.  At Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton we will take care so we do not braid your hair too tightly. While you’re wearing braids, it’s essential that you keep your scalp clean and free from build up.  A good way to ensure this is to either have a treatment on your hair in salon where you can have a scalp massage to soothe your scalp or buy a product from our Afrotherapy home hair care product rangeAfrotherapy Salon in London only stocks the best hair care products for Afro hair.  Click here to find out which product would be best for you. 

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Styling Afro Hair With Heated Tools

It’s important to choose heated tools for Afro hair which won’t dry out your locks.  Our stylists will give you the best advice during your appointment so you can make sure you maintain your hairs health from home too. Here at Afrotherapy Salon in London our stylists use the latest styling techniques to create fabulous hairstyles for women with Afro hair to keep you on trend with the best care.  Click here and take a look at our website for heat protection products. Always use heat protection when styling Afro hair, whether relaxed or not.  Hairdryers, curling irons and curling tongs can give you amazing results if used properly and if you take care of your hair.

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We create amazing haircuts and hairstyles at Afrotherapy, take a look at our haircuts and hairstyles page for some more inspiration.

Afro Hair Care Products for Styling Relaxed Afro Hair

We cater for all types of afro curl here at Afrotherapy and when it comes to relaxing or styling relaxed Afro hair, we take everything into consideration including what type of curl you have, the condition of your hair and your expectations.  Take a look at what we have to offer in regards to relaxers here. Everyone’s hair needs are different but we would recommend relaxing Afro hair every 6-12 weeks.  When relaxing your hair, the products and methods you use are very important. Remember to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner as your hair has been chemically treated.  Also, as heat can only do more damage to relaxed hair, it’s best to try and use as little heat as possible.

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Looking After Natural Black Hair

As Afro hair is typically dry, it’s essential to keep it moist along with your scalp.  This will create healthy and shiny hair.  Applying oil to the scalp daily will help retain moisture, and sleeping with a satin scarf wrapped around your hair or sleeping on a satin pillow case will help retain moisture.  Afro hair doesn’t need washing as often as other hair types.  Washing it every one to two weeks will suffice as it will lose moisture if washed more often. Leave in conditioners are a great way to detangle your hair and make it more manageable.  The stylists at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in London know everything there is to about which products are best for different types of hair.  To make an appointment at Afrotherapy Salon, London, phone us on 020 8345 5621 or email us at