Silk Press

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All You Need To Know From The Silk Press Experts In London

Silk press at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton, is an effective non-chemical straightening treatment typically performed on afro, curly or coarse hair (usually used on curly hair with 3B and 4C curl types). It offers all the benefits of a straightened, relaxed look, without the harsh chemicals or long-term commitment. This is not your average professional long-lasting blow dry!

A silk press (also known as press and curl) promises to leave textured locks looking flawless and silky with a mirror finish for up to 3 weeks. This can vary depending on the texture, porosity of the hair as well as how well it is maintained. It will start to reverse if the hair gets damp or wet or if comes into contact with too much moisture.

If the hair is kept dry, it will gradually revert ba its natural texture as the treatment wears off. You can touch up your style at home if your ends need a freshen up ahead of your next salon appointment.

If you have a very defined curl pattern or lots of frizz and struggle to create a smooth blow dry then this service is for you. Your experienced stylist will pick the best products based on your particular hair type to hydrate, smooth, and protect your strands against heat damage and achieve the best possible long lasting results.

How Does Silk Press Work?

Hair is deeply cleansed with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build up. Depending on the condition of the hair, stylists can either perform a steam treatment or cap treatment with heat from a hooded dryer. Next, a nourishing heat protectant is applied and the hair is blow dried smooth. The final step is using a flat iron to straighten the hair.  

The health and integrity of your hair is very important to us. If your hair is dry, brittle or damaged as a result of previous chemical treatments or from overusing heated styling tools, we may suggest you have a series of conditioning treatments before exposing it to additional heat. We have custom blended afro hair treatments for scalp conditions, strengthening hair, moisture injections and protein treatments to revitalise natural afro curly hair. Chat with your Afrotherapy stylist who will happily suggest the most suitable treatment for your particular concern.

Is Silk Press The Same As a Relaxer?

No. A silk press service is not the same as a relaxer as there are no long-term changes to your unique curl pattern. Relaxers and keratin treatments use chemicals to permanently alter the structure of the hair. Silk press uses no chemicals meaning you can easily return to your original hair pattern. If you're looking for a temporary, chemical-free way to straighten your hair, then opt for the silk press.

We do offer a range of professional relaxer treatments at Afrotherapy to straighten afro hair, smooth textured curls, or reduce frizz, that deliver exceptional results every time. Our talented team of specialist afro & textured hairdressers in Edmonton, London, are experts at creating smoother styles for multi-textured and afro hair.

Silk Press vs Blow Dry For Natural Hair

Chances are you have heard the terms "silk press" and "flat irons" but which is better? The main difference is the techniques and tools used. A flat iron is basically a heated tool used to make your hair smooth and straight whilst a silk press treatment uses specially designed products and tools including a flat iron and comb for a silkier longer lasting result.  

Both techniques, if done correctly, produce fantastic results and can be done on all hair textures. The advantage of a silk press treatment compared to a traditional blowout is that it lasts longer. A professional blow dry will last a few days while a silk press treatment, with care, can last up to 3 weeks.   

Silk Press And Braids

The choice of hairstyles for natural afro and multi-textured hair following a silk press treatment at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton is huge! Whether you want a hairstyle that is full of body and bounce or something smooth and straight - we can create it. It is recommened to avoid braids and tight hairstyles once you have washed your hair following a silk press. Chat with your stylist who will suggest the right styling products to enhance your hair’s natural shine. 

You can see more ideas about silk press hair, natural hairstyles, hairstyles for curly and textured hair types and hair colour inspiration via our Instagram page.

How Much Does Silk Press Cost?

The price of a silk press depends on the educational knowledge and practical experience of the stylist you choose plus, the length, texture and condition of your hair. Silk press at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton starts from £69.50 - £125. View our full salon price list.

Maintain Your Silk Press At Home

The expert stylists at Afrotherapy suggest Design Essentials, Agarve & Lavender Thermal Protecting Serum to maintain your sleek look at home. This will help your hair to remain looking beautifully smooth and healthy for as long as possible. 

Top tips! Silk press results are temporary and water can reverse all the hard work your stylist put in to create your silky, glossy mane. To achieve longevity it is important to make sure that the hair is protected from humidity and water as much as possible. Wear a cap while showering and wrap hair in a silk head scarf at bedtime to keep volume and movement in the hair. You can also give your hair the VIP treatment by investing in a silk pillowcase. Cotton can snag the hair and cause unwanted breakage.

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Silk Press At Afrotherapy Hair Salon – FAQs

Can I colour my hair before a silk press treatment?


Yes! Colour and silk press can be done on the same day. Read more about the hair colouring services we provide for afro & textured hair at Afrotherapy hair salon in London.

Will silk press harm my natural hair?


When done correctly, the results are very impressive and potentially less harmful than relaxers. In some instances the contrast in textures between your curly roots and straight ends can cause hair to break where the two textures meet. Rest assured, your Afrotherapy stylist will give you the correct aftercare instructions following your Silk Press.

How does my hair become silky?


Using specially designed hair products, hair is shampooed before being blow dried straight and then ironed flat with irons. The results are flawless and silky locks.

Is Afrotherapy the best hair salon near me for silk press?


We believe so! Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton has gained a reputation for being experts in silk press treatments. Read our top salon reviews from delighted clients.

Silk press vs Brazilian blowout


A Brazilian blow dry will allow more movement in the hair compared to a silk press which offers a straighter look.

Is a silk press bad for your hair?


If your hair is dry, brittle or damaged then excess heat from a silk press treatment may cause further damage and you may be advised to wait until the condition of your hair has improved before having the treatment. At Afrotherapy, we are fully versed in advising our clients on the best hair products for multi-textured, mixed-race hair and curly textured hair types. Smoothing shampoos, conditioners and conditioning treatments are key in prepping the hair for the heat. Chat with a member of our experienced team who will happily suggest the right ones for you.

Can I have silk press with extensions?


At Afrotherapy Salon, London we believe that the addition of hair extensions can transform your look entirely – enhancing volume, length and even adding dashes of colour. We recommend you book a consultation with one of our hair extension experts to chat through the options available.

How do I keep my silk press straight?


To achieve longevity it is important to make sure that the hair is protected from humidity and water as much as possible. Wear a cap while showering and wrap hair in a silk head scarf at bedtime to keep volume and movement in the hair. You can also give your hair the VIP treatment by investing in a silk pillowcase.

My silk press is frizzy


It is important to avoid exposing your hair to any moisture. The smallest amount of moisture and/or humidity in the air can make your silk pressed hair frizzy and puffy.

How do I book a silk press treatment at Afrotherapy?


Call our friendly team on 020 8345 5621 or book online.

Does silk press ruin curl pattern


If you are having regular silk presses on your hair then this can alter your curl pattern slightly. It is recommended to have a treatment every three to four months to maintain the health of the hair.

How often can I have a silk press?


It is recommended to have a treatment every three to four months to maintain the health of the hair.