Winter Hair Protection

Winter Care for Afro Hair – Keep Your Tresses Moisturised

Mizani-MoistureFusion It’s important to protect your hair during the harsher winter months if you want your afro or multi-textured hair to look great. The cold winter air can leave your hair drier than usual which means it can become brittle and break or turn frizzy. The good news is that regular hair cuts and conditioning treatments will put the moisture back into your hair and make it more manageable. At Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton we have a number of great treatments that will add moisture to your hair.

These include: Mizani Moisturfusion – For relaxed, natural and colour-treated hair, Moisturfusion is infused with moisturisers, essential oils and proteins to moisturise, soften and strengthen dry hair. Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask – A 5-minute revival treatment that hydrates and conditions while dramatically improving the hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability. Mizani Curl Replenish® Intense Moisturising Masque – Designed to inject moisture into naturally curly hair.

Winter Care for Afro Hair – Use Less Heat

Heat from styling tools can also dry your hair out. Limit the use of heated styling tools and try experimenting with other styling methods that avoid hot styling techniques.

Winter Care for Afro Hair – Try Protective Styles like Weaves or Braids

During the winter months try weaves or braids or put your hair in an updo or bun to protect the ends of your hair from breakage.

Winter Care for Afro Hair – Use The Right Products

Use products that are designed to block humidity. We offer free consultations to ensure you get the right products for your hair so please come and ask us for our expert advice. We recommend Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend Anti-Humidity Spritz and KeraCare Oil Sheen with Humidity Block. Wearing silk scarfs can also protect your hair. You should even wear them under woolly hats!

Winter Care for Afro Hair – Eat a Balanced Diet

Your hair will look healthier if you eat a balanced died. Drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in protein and biotin. Biotin is part of the Vitamin B family and is important for healthy skin, hair and nails.