Which hair style will suit my face shape?

Hair Cuts for Different Face Shapes from Afrotherapy, Edmonton

Do you know what face shape you have?  At Afrotherapy we are experts in creating the perfect hairstyle to suit your face shape. Once you understand your face shape, we can help you to understand which hairstyles will best suit you.  We can, if you wish, help you to find a hairstyle that balances and enhances your facial features. We can also help you to keep your hair in tip-top condition.  At Afrotherapy we offer a number of luxury hair treatments to make the most of your hair.  We can work our magic on all hair types including natural afro hair, relaxed afro or multi-textured hair and coloured afro or textured curly hair. There are five basic face shapes:  heart, long, oval, square and round.  But which hairstyle suits which face shape….?

25Hair Cuts and Hairstyles to Flatter a Round Face

If you have a round face shape you will tend to have a rounded forehead and chin and fuller cheeks.  Rounder face shapes also benefit from looking youthful so you probably look much younger than your birth certificate lets on! The best hairstyles for round face shapes are ones which have width or height to balance out the roundness of the face. Michelle Obama’s hair style suits her face shape because she has added width and volume.  Her face shape works well with a fringe which draws the eye away from the roundness of the cheeks. If you have a round face, try adding width in the form of waves and curls, at a level just under the cheekbones.

124Hair Styles and Hair Cuts for Long Face Shapes

People with long face shapes usually have a large forehead and/or a longer chin.  If you are looking for a hairstyle that suits your longer face shape, the key to creating the best hairstyle for a long face shape is adding width.   This can be achieved by cutting short and long layers from the ears to the chin and styling with waves and curls. Avoid long straight hair and centre partings as they draw the eye line down the centre to the longest point of the face.  A fringe will also work well on long face shape. Model Iman has achieved the perfect hairstyle for her long face shape.


27The Best Hair Cuts and Styles for Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shape faces are usually identified by the widow’s peak hair line on the forehead, as worn by Kim Kardashian.  A widow’s peak coupled with a pointy chin gives the impression of a heart shape. Most hairstyles work well on heart shaped faces.  We think the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces include layers cut just around the chin to bring width around the narrowest point of the face. Heart shaped faces look lovely with hair worn up.   The widest part of the face will be around the eyes so you should also consider a fringe that has been cut longer at the sides as this give the illusion of narrowing that part of the face.

round faceHairstyles for Square Face Shapes

Square face shapes appear strong and angular. Great hairstyles for square faces include those that create length and width to counterbalance the angular effect of the square jawline. If you want to soften your square face shape we would suggest you wear your hair close to the face or try soft loose waves like actress Taraji P. Henson. A side swept fringe can also work well if you have strong facial features as this is another way to soften your look.

Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

21Oval face shapes are often considered the perfect face shape – and your hair cut and hairstyle possibilities are endless!   Oval face shapes are perfectly balanced with an even forehead and chin. Show off your features by wearing your hair in an updo or away from your face.  You can wear your hair short, mid-length or long but we would advise against a fringe or a hairstyle that sweeps forward as you don’t want to cover up your perfect face shape!

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