What to Know Before You Colour Your Hair

There’s no doubt about it…Beautiful hair colour that has been expertly created can enhance your mood, increase your confidence and make you feel amazing

Whatever your reason for wanting to colour your hair, whether it’s to cover grey hair, to feel more confident or to invent a ‘new persona’, then this is the ultimate guide that will answer the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about colour, help you make an informed choice and to dispel any myths about having your hair coloured.

Chapters include:
1. Why have your hair coloured?
2. Types of colour explained
3. How do I know if my colour will suit me
4. Colouring natural hair
5. Colouring chemically treated / relaxed hair
6. Top 5 Myths about colouring your hair
7. Maintaining your colour
8. Testimonials from satisfied clients

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