Hair Care For The Winter Season

Winter Hair Protection

The winter season can pose challenges to your hair, and as the colder weather has now arrived, it's time to rethink your haircare routine to ensure your locks stay looking healthy and lucious. Similar to how your skin tends to become drier during this season, your hair is also prone to drying out. Windy and dry conditions, along with the effects of central heating, can lead to brittle hair and dry strands. However, there are effective and simple ways you can counteract these issues.

Ensure the beauty of your locks isn't compromised by cold weather – follow our top tips for long lasting success!

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professional products for afro hair types winter hair trends Afrotherapy Hair Salon In Edmonton, London
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Select The Correct Products For Your Hair Type

Incorporating the appropriate protective products tailored to your specific hair type is a simple yet crucial step to enhance your winter hair care routine

Stock up on those hair masks and indulge your tresses with a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner after styling or washing to seal in moisture and shield your strands from the winter's harsh elements.

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Protect Fragile Locks When You Go Outside

 The cold winter air can leave your hair drier than usual which means it can become brittle and break or turn frizzy. If delicate curls come into prolonged contact with certain fabrics on scarfs or jackets, it may result in breakage.

When venturing outdoors in colder months, be sure to shield your tresses with a hat or scarf. This provides an additional layer of protection against the wind, rain and low temperatures. Natural materials like cotton or wool are best. For long lasting solutions to frizz and to make your hair more manageable opt for a silk press treatment. Also known as press and curl, this treatment promises to leave textured locks looking flawless and silky with a mirror finish for up to 3 weeks.

Reduce Heat Usage

A top tip to protect Afro hair in winter is to reduce the use of heated appliances as this can contribute to dryness in your hair. Minimize the use of heated styling tools and consider exploring alternative styling methods that do not involve high-temperature techniques.

Prior to drying or heat styling, ensure to detangle hair and divide into clean sections to ensure you do not repeatley go over the same area of hair. If you can't live without your heated tools a compromise is to reduce the heat temperature and not to use them everyday.

Protective Styles For Weaves & Braids

Opting for protective styles such as weaves and braids can sheild delicate curls and coils from breakage and dryness during the winter season. Using silk hair wraps for sleeping also helps to reduce frizz, keep hair smooth and reduce damage by creating a protective barrier around your curls.

As silk is a natural fibre it help with moisture retention and won't  strip your hair of its natural oils like some materials such as cotton. Silk wraps can also help to regulate the temperature of your scalp to ensure your hair looks shiny and smooth when you wake.