Faux locs – hair trend or fad?

Faux locs are a simple but time-consuming way to add length and colour to afro or mixed race hair.

Also known as genie locks or yarn wraps, faux locs have been seen on Rihanna and Willow Smith (the teenage daughter of actor Will Smith), pictured left.

Is it a new hair trend or is it just a fad?  Afrotherapy look at the pros and cons of faux locs to help you make up your mind as to whether they are right for you and your hair.

We offer faux locs at our Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton.  They range in price from £180 to £450 depending on the length you want.

What are faux locs?

Faux locs are braids that are wrapped into your hair to create length.  They differ from dreadlocks which make use of your own hair which is matted to form a dread or lock.

At Afrotherapy hairdressers in Edmonton we tend to wrap Marley braids and Havana braids to create this look because they closely resemble natural hair texture.   We offer the full range of hair extension and weave services for afro hair at our London salon including Twists, Braiding & Extensions, Bonding, Kinky twists, Marley braids, Havana braids and Afro Kinky. Please call us for more information and to book a consultation 020 8345 5621.

How do you add faux locs to your hair?

It can take several hours to add faux locs.  It is a time consuming but effective process of braiding and wrapping the braid.  Your loc can be as thick, thin or as long as you want  We wrap the hair tightly around each braid from the base to the end to make sure it will not unravel.   We can add faux locs in different colours and lengths depending on the look you wish to achieve.

What are the pros and cons of having faux locs?

Pros:  These locs are wrapped around your natural hair which means that your hair is protected, stopping it from drying, tangling and breaking.  Your natural hair will also grow  so it’s a good choice if you are growing out your hair.  They can last for months although we would recommend you keep them in for six to eight weeks at a time.  They look stylish and natural and can be used to add length and colour to your hair.

Cons: It can take several hours to add faux locs and they are quite heavy to wear.  Think carefully before choosing this option for children:  the process of adding faux locs is lengthy and children sometimes struggle to adapt to instant long hair (it gets dipped into food or caught in things – they could, for example, be accidentally pulled out at the root if tugged on hard enough .)   Faux locs are unlikely to work well on thin, fine or weak hair which may not be strong enough to cope with faux locs.

How long do faux locs last?

Ideally you should  not keep them in for longer than six to eight weeks.  Any longer than this and there is the chance that the extension hair will mesh with your hair.

How do I care for my faux locs?

They are quite easy to care for.  There is no need to sleep with a head scarf at night and all you need to do is finger comb through your locs, moisturise and seal them.  At Afrotherapy we will explain how you can look after your new hairstyle.