Colour Corner – Choosing the right hair colour

Why does blonde look fabulous on Beyonce but seems too harsh on Kim Kardashian?  

We look at the theory and science behind hair colour and can use our training and expertise to help you find the right colour for you.  

Of course we understand that you may want to try a new fashion colour or technique so rules are there to be broken… right?  So, while we are happy to share our knowledge of colour with you, do not be afraid to try something new that breaks these rules!

If in any doubt, our highly trained professionals at Afrotherapy are always here to expertly assess which hair colours will be perfect for you.

Choose a hair colour to complement your skin tone

Looking for the perfect hair colour?  Your first step is to find a colour that complements your skin tone.  Most dark skinned women tend to have warm undertones.   Some people say you can check your skin’s under tones by looking at the colour of the veins in your wrists. Go into the sunlight and take a look.  If your veins appear blue, your undertones are likely to be cool. If they look green, your undertones may be warm!

What colour does your natural hair turn in the sun?

During the summer months our hair usually turns a shade or two lighter.  If you have not yet coloured your hair, take a good look at the sunkissed tones in your hair during the summer as these colours will give you a good indication of the shades that will suit you. If you want a longer lasting hair colour that does not damage your hair, choose a hair colour that is only a shade or two different to your natural hair colour and ask for highlights or lowlights rather than a full head of colour.  

We’ve already mentioned Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde hair colour.  In our opinion, this colour is too harsh for her.  She made two key mistakes:  she chose a block colour rather than highlights, and she has gone for a shade that is too far removed from her natural black hair colour. Those born with brown or dark hair are likely to have warmer undertones so would suit a warmer hair colour like honey browns, warm reds or golden blondes.  Blondes and fair-haired people tend to have  cooler skin undertones (blue, green, pink or blue-based red) which suits ash blonde or auburn brown hair colours. Warm tones = golden, caramel and honey.  Cool tones = ash or natural.

Choose a hair colour that complements your eye colour

Getting your hair colour right can make your eye colour look more vibrant. Eyes that are deep brown, black-brown, gray blue, dark blue or hazel with white, gray or blue flecks really suit cool hair colours.  

Eyes that are golden brown, green, turquoise or hazel with gold or brown flecks look best with warm tones in your hair. It’s also worth remembering that extreme hair colours such as platinum blondes, bright reds and black hair hues can look quite harsh if you have mature skin.  They can make any skin imperfections and wrinkles look more prominent.  We’d therefore suggest you opt for a softer hair colour as you age.

Now that you know the rules, feel free to break them!  Go ahead and have some fun.  There are some amazing hair colours available and we can help you achieve your dream look.