All About Hair Colour

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We ask Natalie all about hair colour for multi-textured and afro hair and what’s the best way to look after it post, during and after colour.

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Can you colour hair that is in poor condition?

We would advise against colouring hair that is in poor condition.   However, we can help you get your hair back to health.  We can check your scalp’s health, hair porosity and condition and suggest treatments that can inject moisture, shine and gloss into your hair for a perfect finish.  This is ideal for hair that is relaxed, texturised, coloured, a chemical blow out or is transitioning back to their natural texture or colour.

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How often should I have my hair coloured?

We recommend that you have regrowth touched up every six to eight weeks if you have a block colour that covers your head.  If you have highlights or a fashion technique such as ombre or bayalage, then you could extend this timescale to every eight to ten weeks.

How can I avoid hair breakage and have my hair coloured?

This is particularly important advice if your hair is relaxed and you want to add a permanent hair colour.  It is important to infuse moisture and protein back into your hair so book in for regular treatments every couple of weeks, or as advised by your stylist.  It is best to relax your hair first and then have it coloured a few weeks later.

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