Tyra Banks gets a pixie cut!

Tyra Banks pixie cut profileTop model Tyra Banks has surprised us all by having her long hair cut super short!  She revealed her new pixie hair cut with images she posted on Instagram.

This is the first time the creator of hit reality TV show America’s Next Top Model has had her hair cut so drastically short.  We’ve seen her with long hair and shorter bobbed hairstyles, but we can’t recall seeing her with a pixie cut before.

We think she looks more modern, edgy and younger than her 41 years with this gorgeous new hairstyle.

If you fancy following in Tyra’s footsteps and having a pixie cut, the good news is that this style is easy to maintain and is suitable for relaxed hair. It can also be achieved on a weave or stocking cap…

So what are you waiting for?  Reinvent yourself today with a little help from our expert hair stylists at Afrotherapy.