The Perfect Afro Hair Style

Hair Cuts & Styles For Your Face Shape

Did you know that there is the perfect hairstyle for your face shape? The trouble is, most of us are unsure what our face shape is!

The first step is to scrape back your hair, stand in front of a mirror, take a lipstick and draw an outline of your face on your mirror! Stand back and you’ll see whether it’s long, oval, round, square or heart-shaped.

Squirt a bit of glass cleaner onto your mirror, make yourself a cuppa and get ready to read on to find out which hairstyle is most likely to suit your face shape!  If that all sounds a bit complicated, why not just book a hair appointment at Afrotherapy Hair in Edmonton, north London, and let our experts create the perfect hairstyle for you?

The Best Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes

long faceA prominent chin and larger forehead are usually two key traits for those with a long face shape.  This face shape is longer than it appears wider and so requires a little balance to make the face seem more in proportion.  

The best hair cuts and hairstyles for long face shapes are shoulder length and shorter hair cuts.  If you prefer to wear your hair long, consider having a blunt fringe to break up the length of your face. 

Hairstyles to avoid if you have a long shaped face?  Stay away from centre partings.

Hairstyles to Flatter Round Face Shapes

round faceWhen talking about the perfect hair cut and hairstyle for round face shapes, it’s all about slimming your face.  Commons features of a round face shape include rounded and softer edged foreheads and chins with lovely wide, full cheeks.

The best hair cut and hairstyles for round, full face shapes are those that add height.  High upstyles are a great way to trick the eye into adding height to a hairstyle.  Or add soft layers which add width around the cheekbones.  A graduated bob that begins at the nape of your neck and rests to a point under the chin, with a side swept long fringe, is also a great style for round face shapes.

Hair Cuts and Styles for Oval Shaped Faces

oval faceThe oval face shape is often regarded as the perfect face shape!  The best hair cuts and hairstyles for an oval shaped face are almost endless and you really are able to experiment with a variety of haircuts. We’d suggest you avoid wearing your hair in a style that partially covers your face.  Thick fringes and cuts that sweep forward tend not to look as fabulous as those that show off your perfect face shape.

Hairstyles and Hair Cuts for Heart Shaped Faces

heart shaped faceheart shaped face is often called this because you may have a ‘widow’s peak’ of hair on your forehead that creates a prominent heart shape.  This face shape is also classed as a triangular shaped face or inverted triangle because the forehead or temple is wider than the chin and jawline which tends to look like it comes to a point.  

The best hair cut and hair style for those with a heart face shape is a short bob, which looks fantastic with curly or wavy hair just under the cheekbones to create width at the narrow jawline.  Fringes are a great way to balance out a heart or triangular face shape, especially if you have a widow’s peak and you’re not one who wants to showcase it.  With heart face shapes, avoid hairstyles with added height or any hairstyle that is too slicked back as you should try concentrating volume around your jawline to balance out your features.  

Hair Cuts and Styles to Soften Square Face Shapes

square faceSquare face shapes tend to be strong and angular.  The best hair cut and hairstyle for a square face shape is any that adds softness to the style.  Fringes cut low to the eyebrows and with longer length at the sides really help to balance out a square face shape.  Hairstyles with waves and curls, particularly around the jawline, help to detract from this angular face shape.