The Best Afro Hairstyles for Students

The Best Hairstyle Ideas for Students with Afro and Multi-Textured Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London

Black women often joke about how much time and money they have to spend at the hair salon. Frequent relaxer treatments and damage caused by heated styling can make afro and multi textured hair even harder to maintain.

However, there are many low-maintenance hairstyles  for afro and multi textured hair that look funky and don’t require too much attention. Many students don't have the time, money or patience to spend hours at the hair salon each week, so the experts at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London, bring you a range of low maintenance hairstyles which are ideal for students...…..

The Best Hairstyles For Students with Afro & Multi-Textured Hair





Braided Hairstyles for Students 

You can choose between one simple braid or even multiple braids for your afro hair. Braids are much easier to complete than cornrows, so it would be possible for you to replicate the look easily at home. Tight braids can last up to several days, with the bonus that you won’t have to regularly expose your hair to harsh treatment.

Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas for Students with Afro Hair

This classical cornrow hairstyle would require a visit to the specialists at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London. Properly completed cornrows should stay in place for weeks between needing maintenance. Cornrows offer a fabulous option that helps keep your hair under control, whilst looking fashionable, ideal for students who are short on styling time before those early morning lectures!

The Pineapple Upstyle for Afro Hair

Many women with natural hair love how the pineapple technique keeps your curls in place while you sleep. However, this look is more than a hair maintenance technique however, it's a fashionable hairstyle to rock out and about. Your curls don't even need to be long to rock this look, ask your Afrotherapy stylist how to wear the pineapple on your short afro hair.

We just adore how the pineapple hairstyle is a fun and stylish way to keep your curls up and out of your face on a hot summer day. Even better, you can rock this hairstyle with bangs, or even create one using your hair, just fix into place with pins, add a funky hair scarf and go! 

Why Are Natural Hairstyles So Perfect For Black Students?

Most students are eager to save time and more importantly, money. Of course, the added benefit of these natural hairstyles is that they can also help to protect hair from damage cause by frequent heat or chemical treatments. 

Natural hairstyles are always in fashion, so there’s no reason not to try them for yourself. They offer you an easy way to look your best, keep your hair healthy, and save money and time in the salon.

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