Summer Trends for Afro Hair

Summer Hair Trends at Afro Hair Specialist Salon, Afrotherapy in Edmonton

Summer has arrived and the hot weather means we’re hankering after a hairstyle that is easy to manage and looks great.

Depending what stage your hair is at, you can choose to either embrace your naturally curly afro hair or ask for it to be relaxed into either a smoother, wavy hairstyle or go curly!  

The team at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton are experts in creating gorgeous hair styles, cuts and colours for women with afro and multi-textured hair, and we can also get your hair in great shape using the latest specialist hair treatments.

If you’re looking for a new style or colour this summer, give us a ring on 0208 8345 5621 or book online.   Now take a look at some summer hairstyles for black hair to get you looking hot hot, hot for summer!  

Straighten & Relaxing Afro Curls

At Afrotherapy Salon, we use professional relaxers that use the latest relaxer technology to provide your afro hair with ultimate conditioning, superior straightening and smoothness with incredible manageability.

As specialists in afro hair, we have developed a  unique 5 Step Relaxing System to ensure your hair is conditioned at each stage of the relaxer process leaving it beautifully relaxed and healthy.  Depending on your hair type and condition, we can create super straight looks or wavy hair.   Find out more about our Relaxer Hair Services.

For a change, why not put your hair into a high sleek ponytail for a gorgeous summer look?

Embrace Your Natural Afro Curly Hair

This summer you can’t go wrong if you embrace your natural curly hair!  We can get your hair into great condition and cut it into the perfect shape for you.  

During your hairdressing appointment, your expert afro and multi textured hair stylist will advise you on different styling methods and prescribe the perfect products for you to take home and maintain the condition of your hair in between salon visits. 

If you’re making the transition from relaxed hair to its natural curly state, we offer a transitioning service. If you would like to chat through the styling options for your afro and multi textured curly hair please call our London afro salon on 020 8345 5621.