Summer Festival – Afro Hair Trends

At our Specialist Afro Hair Salon in London we’ve come up with some great hair ideas to help you stand out from the crowd if you’re heading to a music festival this summer.   After all, June, July and August are the months for festivals with people heading to Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury and Notting Hill Carnival. (to name but a few!)

Bright Colours for Afro Hair

afro hair colours, edmonton hairdressers, north londonMusic festivals are all about chilling out and having fun.  

This is a time to dress up in bright colours so why not invest in a great new hair colour to match!  

We can transform your hair with permanent or semi-permanent hair colour, or add a brightly coloured weave or hair piece. 



Flirty Festival Afro Hairstyles
curly afro summer hair, edmonton hair salon, north londonFestivals give you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful music, great food and (if you’re lucky) to relax in the sunshine with friends and family.     
Casual hairstyles are the best bet for summer festivals so wear your hair in a curly afro or in braids and twist outs which looks great on afro and multi-textured hair.    

Summer Festival Hair Accessories

summer hair ideas for afro hair, edmonton hair salon, north londonIf you’re staying over night or for several days at your favourite summer festival, you may have limited access to washing facilities!   This is where cover-ups come in handy for your hair as it begins to looks less…. fresh.  On day one you can’t go wrong with some pretty fake flowers or a circlet of flowers in your hair. By day two you might want to add a scarf around your locks.  If you still haven’t managed to get to a shower by day 3, pop on a cool 1970s-inspired floppy hat for a fab on-trend look!
Come and talk to the team at Afrotherapy hairdressers in Edmonton if you’re looking for some summer hair inspiration.  Give us a ring on 020 8345 5621.