Spring Hair Trends for Afro Hair

Spring Hair Trends for Afro Hair

Spring Hairstyle Trends at Afrotherapy Hair Salon, Edmonton

The arrival of spring brings new beginnings, so it’s time to say goodbye to the damp cold days of winter and start thinking about a new hairstyle or hair colour for a new look.  

Get a fresh start this spring with a new hair cut and style at our specialist afro hairdressers in Edmonton, London.  We really are experts when it comes to colouring, styling and treating your afro and multi-textured hair.

While we continue to embrace the trend for naturally curly hair, the chance to have straight and sleek hair also remains a popular style.  It’s simply a matter of personal choice… and making sure your hair is in great condition.

Sleek Straight Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Afro hair trends for spring, Edmonton hair salon, north LondonIf you’re yearning for straight and sleek hair, talk to one of our professional stylists about the possibility of relaxing your hair.  

Afro hair relaxer services are a great way of straightening and smoothing afro or curly textured hair.  They can soften your hairstyle and make your hair less tangled.  

Once your hair is straight, you can have fun with it – wearing it in a low side plait or a high ultra-smooth ponytail. 

Plaited Hairstyles for Spring

Plaited hair trends, afrotherapy hair salon,edmontonPlaited hairstyles are a great trend and really popular this spring.

For spring 2016 we’ll see plenty of plaited hairstyles from cute pigtails and plaits to more sophisticated thick single braids.  

Wear your braid high on the head or low and to one side for a great springtime look.

If your hair and scalp’s in great condition, ask your Afrotherapy stylist to add cornrows and to incorporate a beautiful plait into the style like on the model, pictured left. 

Naturally Curly Spring Afro Hairstyles 

afro hair trends for spring, afrotherapy salon, edmonton, londonGive your hair a rest and opt for a natural hairstyle.  Wear your curls loose and flowing… it’s time to embrace your natural curls!  

There are plenty of benefits to having natural afro or curly textured hair:  It’s usually stronger and healthier which means it sheds less and grows faster.  

You may also spend less time styling your hair if we’ve cut it into a ‘wash and go’ style that is perfect for you!

Short Spring Hairstyle Ideas

short afro hair trends, Afrotherapy expert salon, Edmonton, LondonWe saw a lot of short hairstyles and buzz cuts on the spring and summer catwalks.  

Do you dare to be bold with a super short hair cut?

If you’ve seen a hair cut or colour that you fancy, why not bring that picture in to show your Afrotherapy stylist?  That’s one of the best ways to show us exactly what you want!  

Whatever style you choose this spring, we look forward to welcoming you into Afrotherapy Salon in Edmonton soon!