Stylist becomes magazine hair expert

Afrotherapy stylist Michelle Garande is in huge demand for her expert afro hair styling knowledge and flair. Feb 2014 issue Pride magazineMichelle, 24, has recently become a regular contributor to Pride Magazine, Black Beauty & Hair Magazine and the Respect on-line magazine. As part of Afrotherapy’s Creative Team, Michelle is known for her work in creating complete hair, fashion and make-up looks for magazines, plus she received a great deal of publicity after winning several top awards at major hair industry competitions. Black Beauty & Hair Magazine coverIt therefore comes as no surprise to Afrotherapy owners Harriet and Joseph Cudjoe that magazine editors are eager to take advantage of Michelle’s flair for hair. Michelle’s success is all the more impressive when you consider that she has only been fully qualified as a hair stylist for one year! MichelleMichelle (pictured centre) said: “It’s an honour to be asked to write expert hair articles for these leading magazines.  Usually I am given a topic to write about and I can then highlight the Do’s and Don’ts, which products to use and how to achieve a certain look, like Bantu Knots.” If you’d like to book an appointment with our rising star, Michelle Garande, please call Afrotherapy on 020 8345 5621.