How to Colour Afro Hair

Hair Colour for Afro and Multi-Textured Curly Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London

How to Colour Afro HairIf you want a beautiful hair colour this summer, we advise visiting our expert afro hair colour specialists at Afrotherapy hair salon in North London, as colouring afro hair is not a straightforward process.

The dry nature of afro and multi-textured hair makes the process of colouring afro hair delicate, and in need of professional hands. One of our experienced and skilled afro hair colour technicians will assist to find the right hair colour that suits your skin tone, style and personality, along with the right hair colour products, so your hair’s health is not compromised. 

The Process for Colouring Afro Hair

Upon your visit to our North London Afro hair salon, we will start the hair colour process by getting acquainted with you and your hair, your desired look and home hair care routine.

We will also evaluate your current hair condition and whether you use chemical conditioners and relaxers on your afro hair. Permanent hair colouring of your afro hair requires a skin tests two days before the process.

We use Goldwell hair colour with our valued clients at Afrotherapy, believing Goldwell to be the best hair colour brand for afro and multi textured hair. The rich vibrant colours on the Goldwell spectrum are delivered with a signature moisture and gloss which ensures your hair colour looks and feels incredible. 

Permanent vs. Temporary Hair Colour

Hair colours can be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent.

Permanent hair colours require the lifting of the cuticle and alteration of the protein that gives us our natural dark shade, while temporary hair colours put a layer of colour over the hair strands. 

Colouring hair relies less on the texture of hair but its porosity, which is the ability to retain moisture by the hair. So while there is a need for the hair cuticle to be lifted to allow colour and moisture in, it also has to be closed to lock in the moisture and colour.

Which Hair Colour is right for your Natural Afro Hair?

We often get asked what hair colours are great and safe for afro hair? BLUNT STRAIGhT FRINGES, afro hair salon, edmonton, London

As bleaching the hair is a chemical process that is crucial to colouring afro hair, with an expert hair colour stylist, you can pretty much have any hair colour you desire.  

As dark hair turns yellow or orange when bleached, your colour technician needs to be skilled in replacing these unflattering hair colours with some new gorgeous hair colours.

If you have a particular hair colour in mind, please come along with a photo to our Afro hair salon in Edmonton, to ensure our afro hair colour technicians fully understand your desired look.

Is it safe to colour Relaxed or Permed Hair?

When done unprofessionally, a perm or relaxer can strain your hair, breaking the internal protein structure of your afro hair. Colouring your hair immediately after such processes or treatments is not advised, as this will leave your hair over processed and make it very dry and susceptible to breakage.

There should be a 14-day interval between a chemical treatment of hair and hair colouration. For more questions on the fragility of hair, feel free to contact us on 020 8345 5621.

How Do I Care for My Relaxed or Permed Hair?

After colouring hair or other chemical processes, it is vital to keep your hair healthy and well cared for. We suggest the use of a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, free of sulphate for your hair care routine. These can help your hair colour lasts longer, and also provide protection against the sun.

Limit your use of heat appliances such as blow dryers and flat irons when styling and use products that help with heat protection.

 Award Winning Hair Colour at Afrotherapy Afro Hairdressing Salon in Edmonton, London

At Afrotherapy we love to implore innovated techniques to create vibrant fafro hair colour. Our hair colour technicians’ creativity and innovative approach have not gone unnoticed by industry leaders.

Our team of dedicated professionals are keen on delivering high-quality afro hair services, contact us for your afro multi-textured hair needs and hair colour services. Our regulars and guests are always welcome to our London afro hair salon.

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