New Year Hair Resolutions

Transform Your Hair in 2018 with Afrotherapy Afro Hair Salon in Edmonton

A new calls for a complete style revamp and that includes your hair. If you are stuck on ideas on what to do with your hair, here are some tips for hair resolutions for 2018, brought to you by the expert hair stylists at Afrotherapy afro hair salon in North London.

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New Year’s Resolution #1: Get Healthy Hair

afro hair salon, north London

In addition to eating a healthy and balanced diet, using the right hair care products is important for healthier hair.  At our North London afro hair salon, we stock only the very best hair products, perfect for your everyday hair care and styling needs. Pop into our salon anytime to purchase.

The Phytospecific Baobab oil is a multipurpose pre-shampoo or leave-in oil that nourishes dehydrated hair, scalp and body. It also safeguards against free radicals and frizz. Also, your hair will thank you for it in the long-run if you protect it from heat and other harsh chemicals. Treating you hair to regular hair masks is a must!

New Year’s Resolution #2: Have a trim every four to six weeks

New Year Hair ResolutionsTo avoid dry hair, and splitting ends, visit our afro hair salon inEdmonton  for a trim. Aim to have your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks particularly during the cold winter months. Regular trims stop split ends from travelling up the hair shaft. 

New Year’s Resolution #3: Have a Big Chop

afro hair salon, north LondonAre you currently transitioning to natural? If you’ve been transitioning for a while now, now’s the time to let go of those relaxed ends for good. 

The change does’t have to be drastic. If you prefer to continue slowly transitioning, just pop in for a trim ever month.

New Year’s Resolution #4: Experiment with Hair Colour

afro hair salon, north London

Want to step out of your hair comfort zone? If so, hair colour is an instant way to change your entire look. You may be after some subtle face-framing highlights or an all-over shade shift – whatever your choice, a new hue in 2018 is sure to spice up your style.

Not ready to commit to a permanent new colour? No problem, we can add some gorgeous hair extensions.