Mixed Race Hair Ideas at Afrotherapy Salon North London

Women with natural afro and multi-textured hair are becoming more experimental with their hairstyles.

If you have Afro Caribbean or mixed race heritage then one thing we have in common is our hair texture which tends to be thick, course and often difficult to manage.

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Here at Arotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton we can help you achieve the perfect look for you. We create award winning, beautiful hairstyles for natural afro and multi-textured hairrelaxed hair and hairstyles for women with hair extensions and weaves.  We can straighten afro hairsoften afro curls and relax afro or multi-textured hair. Writer and director Darnell Martin (far left) was born to an Irish American mother and an African American father.  As a result she has lovely thick hair which is coloured a lighter shade and she sensibly opts for a shorter style which means she can keep it looking well conditioned. Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario (left) is the daughter of African American TV producer and actress Deborah Pratt.   Troian has naturally dark, thick hair which she keeps perfectly treated and conditioned which makes it easier for her to style it into a wavy, yet glossy hairstyle. Take a look at the hairstyles some of these ‘racially ambiguous’ stars have achieved. If you see a look you would like to copy, come in and see us at Afrotherapy Hairdressers in Edmonton.  We can analyse your hair type and condition and will tell you what’s possible when it comes to your hair.