How To Transition From Relaxed to Natural Afro Hair

Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Afro Hair at Afrotherapy Afro Hair Salon in London

transitioning black afro hair, afro hair specialist salon, afrotherapy hairdressers in edmonton, londonWe are seeing an increase in women opting for their natural curly afro hair here at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London. 

Transitioning from relaxed to naturally curly hair can be a daunting prospect, so let the black hair specialists at Afrotherapy hairdressers in London help you.  

Book in for a detailed hair consultation so we can explain the best way to transition your hair. 

It can sometimes be difficult to see naturally curly hair growing because the curls make it look shorter than it is so BE PATIENT… it is growing and you will soon have beautiful naturally curly afro hair.

Have Regular Trims While Transitioning Your Hair

If your hair is chemically treated, you need to be patient if you want to grow it out. This can take several months to achieve and it’s important to keep your hair as healthy as possible while you do this.  Book in for regular trims at Afrotherapy so we can cut away the older chemically treated parts of your hair over time. 

Experiment With Bantu Knots, Braids or Buns While Transitioning

During the transition period, it can be difficult for clients to style their own hair so that it remains a statement they can be proud of. Certain styles are ideal for working with the mix of relaxed and naturally textured hair. We advise clients to experiment with braids, buns and Bantu knots. 

Have a Keratin Treatment To Strengthen Transitioning Hair 

Look after your hair as it will be more fragile during the transition period.  A keratin treatment will strengthen and protect your hair while you transition.  Check out our hair treatments for afro hair here.

Avoid Heat Styling Hair During Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Afro Hair

We cannot say this enough… your hair is more fragile during transitioning so avoid heat styling as much as possible. 

Book Your Hair Consultation at the Best Afro Hair Specialist Salon in Edmonton, London

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