How To Straighten Unrelaxed Afro Hair


If you have unrelaxed African American hair and you want to achieve perfect straight hair, follow these steps.  Do not attempt to straighten or press hair that is dry, prone to breakage or already breaking.

Step 1

Ensure your hair is in good condition by either investing in a deep conditioning treatment at Afrotherapy or using Mizani Thermasmooth shampoo and conditioner designed to repair, protect and smooth the hair.  Straightening dries out the hair so it is vital yours is in great condition.

Step 2

Do not blow dry your hair. Add an anti-frizz serum such as Keracare Creme Press to dry or damp hair.  Keracare Creme Press shields hair from thermal heat damage.  Then try letting your hair dry naturally.


Step 3

Your hair must be 100% dry before you begin the straightening process.  Make sure your hair straighteners are on the correct heat settings then take a small section of hair and slide the straightening irons down the length of hair to be straightened.  If you wish, turn the straightener a fraction when you reach the end of your hair so that your hair gently curls around your face. Repeat.  

Step 4

Spritz your hair with a shine spray.  Try Mizani Thermasmooth’s Shine Extent Anti-Humidity Spritz. 

Step 5

Wrap your hair at night to keep your gorgeous hair as straight as possible for as long as possible.