How To Moisturise Dry Natural Afro Hair

afro hair care, edmonton london hair salonNatural hair should have a gorgeous sheen when healthy and properly moisturised.

Natural hair tends to be quite dry by nature so learning the correct ways to keep it moisturised will help keep your hair manageable, avoid breakage and also keep it looking and feeling healthy. 

Here are some simple tips on how to moisturise your dry natural hair to keep it looking and feeling its best:

Add Water-Based Moisturisers for Natural Afro Hair

One of the first ingredients in your moisturiser should be water.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because something is branded as moisturising that it is. The word moisturising means adding water to hydrate the hair.  Jane Carter Solution All Natural Nourish and Shine for Dry Hair is great for hydrating your curls.

Use a Good Sealant on Natural Afro Curls

Sealants containing oils such as coconut or olive oil seal in the moisture and leave your hair hydrated for longer. Don’t use products that contain petroleum jelly as sealants. Mizani’s supreme oil contains lots of nourishing oils

Use Hot Oil Treatments on Afro Curly Natural Hair

Doing a hot oil treatment a couple of times a week will help keep your hair moisturised and improve the overall look and elasticity of your hair.  Try and invest in cold pressed oils such as coconut oil which is light and highly moisturising.

The Baggy Method Home Hair Treatment

The baggy method is great for home treatments. You simply apply a product i.e a moisturising treatment or a reconstructive mask onto damp hair and cover your hair with a bag. You can leave it over night or just for a few hours. Your natural body heat will help the product to penetrate your hair cuticles

Sleep With a Satin Scarf On Your Afro Hair

Cotton pillows and pillowcases are highly absorbent and remove all the moisture from your hair like a sponge so try and use a satin scarf when sleeping or use a satin pillow case to avoid stripping your hair of moisture.

Drink Plenty of Water for Healthy Hair

Your hair is a reflection of your overall health so keep yourself hydrated and healthy for great looking hair.

Rinse Your Hair in Cold Water

Doing a cold rinse after washing your hair will close your cuticles, helping to add shine and seal in the moisture.