Holiday Hair Ideas

As we welcome in the month of August we also say ‘hello’ to our summer holidays! If you’re off on holiday with family or friends, you’re probably looking forward to some rest and relaxation.  The last thing you want to worry about is unmanageable hair that is dried out by the sun, sea and chlorine! We are here to help you keep your hair looking fresh and healthy!   Here’s how…

Protective Hair Styling for Afro Hair

Two strand twistsThere is no doubt that the sun’s harmful rays can make your hair dry and brittle.  Protective hair styles are designed to protect the ends of your hair – to avoid breakage.

If you have natural hair, try a two strand twist (left).  Natural hair holds the twist much easier than if you have had your hair relaxed.  Relaxed hair can be worked into a flat twist which uses two sections of hair. hair braidsNatural hair can also be styled into braids (right). 

If you want an expert look that is kind to your hair, book in to have your braids added at our professional and friendly Afrotherapy salon in Edmonton, London.  We can braid your hair or add extensions for a completely new look.  

We will also offer you hair and scalp care advice so you can keep your style looking fabulous throughout the summer. Another great protective style for afro and multi-textured hair is the weave.   We can braid your hair beneath your weave which means it can grow without being subjected to the harsh summer elements. flat twist

Cornrows or cane rows are another stylish and popular summer look.  They look equally good on men, women and children who often add coloured beads to the end. Hair is plaited very close to the scalp in different patterns and sizes for a variety of stylish looks.  We can add hair extensions for a longer hairstyle.


Hair Protection Products for Multi Textured Hair

Aubrey Shampoo and Conditioner If you prefer to wear your hair naturally, make sure you pack some great hair protection products to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy in the sun, sea and pool.  Our expert Afrotherapy stylists can assess your hair and suggest the right products to keep it looking great.

We love Aubrey Organics Swimmers’ Shampoo and Conditioner which gently treats hair that has been exposed to the sun, salt, chlorine, or even perspiration!  It removes the harmful elements from your hair and injects a hit of moisture so it is soft, balanced and fresh.

jane carter nourish and shineWe also recommend the Jane Carter range, especially the Jane Carter Nourish and Shine and the Jane Carter Hair Nourishing cream.  These are remarkable hair moisturisers for medium to coarse hair that reduce dryness without leaving your hair feeling greasy.