Help – I want to change my dark hair colour to blonde!

Going from brunette to blonde at Afrotherapy Hair Salon Edmonton

Winter is always a great time for a hair colour change! If you are thinking of changing your hair colour from dark to blonde, but not sure where to start, visit the hair colour experts at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton – rest assured, you’re in safe hands. 

 Here, we share some top tips on changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde…

How to Change Dark Hair to Blonde

As bleaching the hair is a chemical process that is crucial to colouring afro hair, with an expert hair colour stylist, you can pretty much have any hair colour you desire.  When done by one of the professional hair colour technicians at our salon, your hair will look natural – and most importantly remain in good condition. As dark hair turns yellow or orange when bleached, your colour technician needs to be skilled in replacing these unflattering hair colours with some new gorgeous hair colours.

Toners, treatments and regular salon visits are a must if you are too keep your tresses looking tip-top and protect your hair from breakage. 


How to Correct Brassy Orange & Yellow tones On Afro Hair

At Afrotherapy, we understand that hair colouring disasters happen, and our experienced team of hair colour technicians are here to fix all your hair colouring problems. If you, unfortunately, find yourself in a failed hair colour situation, rather than trying to correct the issue yourself, the best thing you can do is come and visit our friendly team of hair colour technicians. With our colour correction service for Afro hair, we can correct an already damaged darker shade to a brighter one, or a damaged lighter shade to a darker one.

For a lighter look, a colour removal is applied to hair before creating a new gorgeous colour for your hair. The process is iterated until all traces of the damaged hair colour are gone. 


Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at Afrotherapy Hair Salon Edmonton

If you’re considering changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde, book a FREE hair colour consultation at our hair salon. to discuss the best plan of action for your colour correction and for you to show pictures of your desired result. Hair consultations help to avoid confusion and avoid further mistakes.