Hairstyles For Different Afro Hair Types

The Best Hairstyles for Each Hair Type at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London

Have you ever tried a hairstyle but it just doesn't work for your type of hair? Are you a black or mixed race woman but you're not sure which type your hair falls into?

The experts at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton have compiled a guide to the best hairstyles for your hair type! Check them out below....

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Hairstyle Ideas for Straight, Asian Hair (Type 1 Hair)

Type one hair is classified as hair that has no curl pattern and is naturally straight and can become oily, although certain types of Asian women may have hair with a slight wave when left to dry naturally. Many Asian women have type 1a hair, although it is quite rare otherwise.

There are many types of hairstyles that can work for Asian women with type 1 hair, slick your hair back in a sophisticated style, have a pixie hair cut or wear in a sleek ponytail. 

Hairstyle Ideas for Naturally Wavy Hair (Type 2 Hair)

Type 2 hair is classed as naturally wavy hair and is less naturally oily than type 1 hair. This type tends to be easy to keep moisturised but can become frizzy or tangled, it can lack definition. Naturally wavy hair is common amongst mixed race women. 

Naturally wavy hair is much like afro hair, in that it often needs a bit of coaxing to take on a different texture or shape. If you want to leave your waves loose, try setting your hair with braids or rollers for bigger, bouncier curls. Use a fixing spray for hold, then release and enjoy the curliness! Try wearing your hair in a messy bun, a volumized ponytail or in a cute French pleat.

Hairstyle Ideas for Naturally Curly, Multi-Textured Hair (Type 3 Hair)

Multi-textured hair is common amongst mixed race women and is classified as type 3 hair. Type 3 hair is naturally curly, with spiral curls forming without manipulation of products. Naturally curly, multi-textured hair can be dry as the natural oils do not reach around the "s" bend curls as easily as with type 1 & type 2 hair. Ensure that your hair is treated to regular moisturising treatments at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton.

There are many hairstyles to try for your multi-textured hair, let your curls be loose, in a loose braided style or even try out a cool faux hawk!

Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women with Afro Hair (Type 4 Hair)

Type 4 hair, or afro hair, is classified as having more tight curls without the defined ringlets of type 3 hair. Tight curly afro hair usually keeps the same shape whether it is wet or dry.

Afro hair tends to be extremely dry due to the shape of the individual curl, which can be in a "Z" shape, especially in type 4c. Your afro hair needs regular moisturising with buttery and thick products to lock in hydration and prevent humidity from ruining your style! Braids, braid outs, pineapple upstyles and bandtu knots are all popular hairstyles for women with tight curly natural afro hair