Hair Trends for Afro & Multi-Textured Hair

We’ve been doing our homework when it comes to the latest hair fashions and we are predicting an increase in two great new hair trends at our Afrotherapy Hair Salon in London.

Purple Hair Trend for Afro Hair

purple and black hairAt Afrotherapy in Edmonton we are experts in creating the most beautiful hair colours for clients with afro and multi-textured hair.  

One of the most popular colours amongst our clients is for a gorgeous purple tone which looks fabulous when added alongside rich, dark coloured hair. Purple can be added as a block colour, subtle or not-so-subtle highlights or as an ombre dip-dyed purple effect.  

Vixen Sew-In Weave Trend

vixen sew-in weaveThe Vixen sew-in weave is a versatile new way of applying a weave. This weaving technique parts your hair into four sections before the weave is sewn into the hair. This means you can wear your weave in a variety of different styles including ponytails. The hair works on natural or relaxed hair.  If you choose to relax your hair, we would suggest you wait two or more weeks prior to a Vixen sew-in weave. Come and talk to our Afrotherapy stylists at our London Salon for advice and information about any new hairstyle you would like us to create for you.