Hair Extensions For Afro Or Multi-Textured Hair

Afrotherapy’s Advice on Hair Extensions at North London’s Top Salon for Women With Afro & Multi-Textured Hair

Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton is a leading hair extension specialist for women with black afro and multi-textured hair in North London. 

We use quality and long-lasting hair extensions for afro curly hair that look and feel natural and are easy to wear. Our hair extension services include clip-in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions for much more. 

Our award-winning black hair stylists are trained to fit all types of hair extensions and weaves to the highest possible standard. You can bring your own hair extensions or use the ones provided by our expert afro hair extension stylists. 

For more help on choosing hair extensions, give us a call on 020 8345 5621, but first, check out this advice from the afro hair experts at Afrotherapy Hair Salon on hair extensions.

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Add Hair Extensions for Length & Volume at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton

Extensions aren’t just used for adding length to the hair, many Afrotherapy clients use them to add volume, to create a fuller look and maybe to help hide areas where hair is thinning. We provide a very versatile hair extension service so take some time to talk to your Afrotherapy stylist so we can create the perfect look for your hair.

Looking After Your Natural Hair – Hair Extensions Advice 

Sometimes we do have to advise clients not to add too much volume, as the weight of the hair extensions can pull too heavily on the natural hair and cause problems, including traction alopecia. We also always advise giving your hair a break from extensions and weaves, and to treat your real hair to lots of moisture intense conditioning treatments so it is in peak health before your next hair extensions application. A lot of clients find this hard though, as their voluminous hair is part of their identity and they can only realistically achieve it through extensions and weaves, but it is recommended for the health of your natural hair. 

Looking After Your Afrotherapy Hair Extensions & Weaves 

We offer a lot of at-home aftercare advice to our clients when they have had a hair extensions service with us, as at home is where things can go wrong and clients can end up disappointed with their hair extensions, through no fault of the salon.

When our clients have had hair extensions applied, we advise them to come back to us for their first shampoo, so we can explain the process to them. If the water is too hot, your hair extensions can become matted. We also advise not to over-condition extensions, as conditioners can often just leave a film on the surface of the hair, rather than penetrating the shaft and actually nourishing or moisturising the hair.

Book Your Hair Extension Consultation at Afrotherapy Salon in Edmonton, London

We offer the full range of hair extension and weave services for afro hair at our London salon including Twists, Braiding & Extensions, Bonding, Kinky twists, Marley braids, Havana braids and Afro Kinky. Please call us for more information and to book a consultation 020 8345 5621.