Frizz-Free Afro Hairstyles For Summer

Frizz-Free Afro Hairstyles For Summer

5 Frizz-Busting Hair Solutions for Summer at Afrotherapy Hair Salon, Edmonton, London

Summer is finally upon us! And while we embrace the sunshine and all it has to offer, there is no denying that those long, hazy, rose-tinted afternoons can often leave our hair in a sweaty, frizzy mess. 

The solution? A fabulous, frizz-busting treatment or hairstyle to tame those locks!  Come in and talk to your Afrotherapy hair salon expert who can recommend the perfect treatment to get your afro or multi-textured hair looking superb this summer.

When it comes to frizz-fighting hairstyles, check out our top five ways to wear your hair this summer…


Braids and corn rows

Cornrows are a great way to keep your hairstyle looking neat and in place… and to keep those stray flyaway hairs in check!

If you’re looking for an intricate hairstyle for a special occasion – like the image to the left – why not book in for a hair appointment at Afrotherapy to let our experts create a gorgeous style just for you?

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Elegant Upstyles for Afro Hair

Neat afro upstyles, edmonton afro hair salonChannel your inner diva and choose an elegant upstyle to keep any stray hairs in place.  

Smooth down your hair with hairspray before pulling it back into a ponytail.  Then fix your ponytail into a bun with some carefully placed pins.  Fix it again with spray.

Voila!  Your hairstyle should remain in place for hours.  If a few wisps of hair break loose, embrace the look which is pretty and feminine.

Short Tight Curly Hairstyles 

tight curls

Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and are a great alternative to long hair – especially if your hair is in poor condition.  

We can cut off any broken hair or split ends and create a pretty, edgy or sophisticated short hairstyle using the natural movement of your curly afro hair.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add some hair colour to give your style extra interest?  

The Top Knot

top knots with afro hairstyles, edmonton hair salonThe top knot moves into the limelight again this summer.  To create the look, toss your hair back and tie it up really high!

There’s no need to be too exact while tying – this look can be as messy or as neat as you like!  

Best of all? The top-knot visually lengthens the neck, makes you appear taller and creates a slim overall silhouette. Winner!


Plaits & Braids for Afro Hair

PLAITED HAIROne of the hottest hairstyles for summer is the plait or braid.  Either wear it in pigtails or so-called ‘boxer braids’ or opt for one big chunky braid.  This can be worn high on top of the crown, low down your back or to one side.

This style is easy to achieve at home but if you’re looking for a more intricate plaited look, simply book in and one of our stylists can give you a gorgeous new look.

Plaits and braids are a great way of keeping your hair off your face during the warmer summer months and will keep any flyaway or frizzy hair under control too.