Festival Hair Ideas For Afro Hair

Best Festival Hairstyles for Afro Hair by Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton 

 The long fun filled summer festival nights are finally here. This means time to get a stylish hair look to stand out from the crowd. From blue box braids to frohawks, the hair stylists at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton bring you the very best of festival hair ideas for Afro hair.

Using the on-trend festival hairstyles or colours, we can give you a summer-ready look that will suit your style and personality. For your hot summer festival hair, book an appointment by calling us on 020 8345 5621.

Box Braids For Summer Festivals 

Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairWear a boho look with our hippie braids, box braids, fishtails and plaits. You cannot go wrong with braids in the summertime as they are the hottest hairstyle for your summer festivals. For a stylish summer festival look, you can add some micro braids or opt for a full-on fishtail or side braid.

Frohawks & Top Knots for Summer Festivals

Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairKeeping hair off your neck and face might come in handy for your outdoor summer music festivals. So consider hairstyles such as Frohawks and top knots. In case you haven’t noticed rocking a Frohawk has become a very common festival hair choice for women with Afro hair and multi textured curly hair. It is simply a mohawk hairstyle that is styled on Afro hair.

If you have permed or relaxed hair, you wear a nice and easy top knot.  Tie your knots with little bands, wear a colourful scarf or add flowers. Don’t forget to retouch your roots to keep them frizz at bay during all that summer fun.

Bold Festival Hair Colours by Top Afro Hair Salon in North London

Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairThe summer festival season is the best time to try new crazy hair colours. Why not opt for blue box braids for an eye catching summer festival look?  For a subtle and natural-looking shade, we recommend an ombre or balayage honey blonde hairstyle, a very common look for women with Afro hair.

Festival Hair with Hats, Flowers & Jewels

Festival Hair Ideas For Afro HairFor a quick festival-ready look, bless your hair with some gorgeous accessories such as glittery hair clips, headbands, jewelled headpieces and flowers. A well-accessorised hair will leave you feeling in full on festival mood.

Covering your hair in summer is an excellent idea if you do not want to avoid dry hair and faded hair colour, caused by too much heat or exposure to the sun. A cute hat, scarf or cap will do for covering your hair up, and they also help you stay stylish!