Do you want straighter hair?

If you long for straight shiny hair, come and talk to our expert team at Afrotherapy in Edmonton. wild afro hairIn the past, women have always asked for a relaxer if they wanted straight hair, but the advances in hair technology mean that we can now offer you many more straightening services for afro or multi-textured hair. Whether you’re looking to straighten afro hair, smooth afro curls or reduce frizz we have a number of professional relaxer treatments and straightening systems at Afrotherapy salon. Our talented team of specialist afro hairdressers are experts at creating smoother styles and exceptional results for both men and women. Here we take a look at the Brazilian Blow Dry versus Relaxers.

Brazilian Blow Dry to straighten afro curls

Brazilian Blow DryWe’ve seen a huge increase in clients coming in for our gorgeous Brazilian Blow Dry treatment and we’ve produced some stunning results. The Brazilian Blow Dry is a protein treatment that is used to repair damaged hair.  It makes the hair straighter, shinier and more manageable.  It should not be used on ‘virgin’ hair because the coating will not penetrate the hair effectively.  It works particularly well on hair that has been chemically treated, relaxed, colour treated or damaged. We love the Inoar Brazilian Afro Keratin treatment which shines, softens and repairs your hair, leaving it straighter and easier to style.  Keratin (the natural protein that is found naturally in the body’s nails and hair)is worked deep into the shafts of your hair.  This relaxes even the curliest and frizziest of hair so that it is around 80% straighter.  The effects can last up to six weeks and the treatment will slowly wash out over time. Another superb hair straightening treatment for afro and mixed texture hair is the Design Essentials® Strengthening System.  This is a gentle non-chemical treatment that straightens, strengthens and smooths naturally curly, frizzy, transitioning and chemically treated hair. The results can last up to 12 weeks. Our Brazilian Blow Dry treatments start at £195 depending on the length and thickness of your hair.  Call us on 020 8345 5621 to book in for a complimentary consultation.

Relaxers to straighten afro curls

RelaxerHair relaxers at Afrotherapy are created with YOU and your individual hair styling needs in mind.  The ‘original’ relaxers tend to contain the chemical formaldehyde which breaks down the bonds of keratin found naturally in the hair so it can be ‘reset’ in a straight style.   At Afrotherapy we get great results from these relaxer treatments:

  • Mizani – the afro relaxer brand from L’Oreal Professional is specifically forumlated for afro/multi textured hair
  • Affirm – a very popular relaxer from the Avlon and KeraCare family
  • Phytospecific – Michelle Obama’s favourite relaxer is a premium and ‘natural’ plant based relaxer which is gentle on the hair.

Relaxers will straighten, smooth and soften your hair so it is easier to manage and style.   The results can last up to six weeks.   

Relaxers for men’s hair

At Afrotherapy we have noticed an increase in the number of men coming in to have their hair relaxed.  If you are interested in straightening your hair, please come and talk to us so we can show you how you can transform your looks and still look masculine.  During a consultation we can give you an idea of the looks that can be created with your hair type, we can explain the process and give you a price – all tailored to your needs. Our relaxer treatments start at £65 depending on the length and thickness of your hair.  Call us on 020 8345 5621 to book in for a complimentary consultation at our London Hair Salon.