Daily Afro Hair Care Routine

Maintain Afro Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, London

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Daily maintenance of your hair can be difficult, especially when work and other household duties get in the way. If you have Afro or multi-textured hair, it can be slightly more challenging to look after your natural hair, due to its extremely curly and frizzy nature.

Great care and attention should be taken to keep your hair feeling strong and healthy at all times, as Afro hair requires regular trimming, protective styling and daily nurturing.

Below are a few tips on how to maintain Afro hair and the best daily techniques to look after Afro hair, brought to you by Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, Londonexperts in Afro hair and multi-textured curly hair. 

Get An Expert Trim for Curly Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon

It's well known that regular trimming keeps hair more healthy as it grows. Trimming split ends is a great way to maintain the health of  Afro hair. Split ends, which otherwise turn the hair dull, lifeless and slow down the natural growth process of your hair, should be trimmed off as frequently as possible. If you notice that your hair is constantly dry, it is time to get rid of those damaged parts. 

Cutting and styling afro hair is a specialist process that requires specialist afro hairdressers. At Afrotherapy hairdressing salon in North London, we provide expert haircuts and styles for multi textured hair, Afro hair and curly hair. If you are simply after an expert trim, simply pop into our Afro hair salon in Edmonton and we can assist you.

Treatments for Afro & Curly Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon

At Afrotherapy, every client leaves the salon with stunning, healthier hair. Our treatments are a great way to keep your Afro or curly hair healthy and strong. 

As Afro hair is also more prone to damage than other hair types, we usually advise getting a regular monthly treatment. Our deep conditioning treatment will help moisturise and condition afro hair and are designed to infuse the hair with moisture leaving it soft and manageable.

Our Scalp Care Treatment is a soothing treatment for relieving dry or itchy scalp. This service is designed for clients with moderate to severe scalp problems and has been developed to regulate problematic scalps and promote healthy looking hair.

As the ends of Afro hair usually receive the least amount of natural oils processed from the scalp, they tend to be the most damaged and dried out part of the hair. Regular treatments will help keep your overall hair moisturised and in good condition. Our Renew Strength Treatment can help bring health back to your overall hair. It is a 3-step customised treatment for clients needing a treatment for moderate to severely damaged afro hair. This customisable system will reconstruct weak, damaged hair as well as increase the elasticity and strength of the afro or multi-textured hair.

Click here to see our full list of treatments for Afro hair and curly hair.

Get Healthy Hair with Braids from Afrotherapy – Specialists in Afro &  Multi-textured Hair

Hair extensions and braids reduce the exposure of your natural hair, hence less damage is done to your hair. By wearing braids, your natural hair is protected from harsh elements such as weather, too much heat styling, too much sun exposure.

With braids, you have the freedom to style your hair extensions using heat-based appliances without fear of damage to your natural strands. There are different styles of braids to go for such as box braids, Marley braids and Senegalese twists. Find out more about different braiding styles and the best braids for Afro hair here. Our award winning stylists have years of dedicated experience in creating beautiful hairstyles for natural afro and multi-textured hairrelaxed hair and hairstyles for women with hair extensions and weaves.

If braids is not your thing, you can also wear hair extensions and weaves to protect and maintain hair. The ‘weaving’ technique is an incredibly versatile and protective form of hair extension application. This trusted method includes sewing on wefted hair extensions to your natural hair once they have been carefully braided into ‘tracks’.  

Use The Best Haircare Products for Afro, Mixed Race, Multi Textured Curly Hair from Afrotherapy

At Afrotherapy, we are specialists in afro, multi-textured, mixed race and curly hairdressers. Our years of experience with afro hairdressing has enabled us to sample the vast majority of specialist afro hair products on the hair market. Trust that we know the importance of great hair care for maintaining the vitality, condition and strength of afro hair

Following huge demand from our clients both locally, nationally and internationally we have partnered with leading afro, multi textured, mixed race and curly hair brands to stock and supply the best afro hair products in our online shop at www.afrotherapysalon.com. You can purchase any of the brands stocked in Afrotherapy in person at our Edmonton salon or you can order online and benefit from *free next day delivery.

Book Your Treatment or Braiding Appointment at Afrotherapy Afro Hairdressing Salon in London

Start your healthy hair journey today! If you want to get a top treatment for Afro hair or multitextured hair or if you want braids to help maintain your natural hair, give us a call on 020 8345 5621 or book online here.