Colour Correction on Afro Hair

Professional Hair Colour Correction

hair salon for women with afro hair, detangling made easyHome dying sessions gone wrong is often the reason for colour correcting afro hair. If you are currently faced with the dreaded hair colour damage situation, seek expert help at Afrotherapy hair salon in Edmonton.

We advise strongly against the do-it-yourself method as this can cause further damage. Our expert hair colour technicians have many years experience dealing with hair colour damage and are experts in the field.

We can restore your hair back to its original condition thanks to our custom-made hair colour correction treatments using Goldwell hair colour.

To prevent further damage and make your healthy again, we can also use hair treatments during the hair colour correction process.

Let’s get to know you and your hair first with a hair colour correction consultation. Contact us on 020 8345 5621 for more information.

Hair Conditioning Treatments For Afro Hair at Afrotherapy Hair Salon

Over processed hair in most cases, has gone through too much chemical styling making hair brittle and prone to breakage. To eliminate the dryness, we need to add moisture back to hair. Our hair colour technicians can improve the look of your dry and over processed hair with specialist treatments.

Why not try our Renew Strength Treatment, a 3-step customised treatment for moderate to severely damaged afro hair. This customisable system will reconstruct weak, damaged hair as well as increase the elasticity and strength of the afro or multitextured hair.

Changing Hair Colour That Has Gone Wrong

If you, unfortunately, find yourself in a failed hair colour situation, do not beat yourself up as the situation can be remedied. You can go from an already damaged darker shade to a brighter one, or a damaged lighter shade to a darker one.

For a lighter look, a colour removal is applied to hair before creating a new gorgeous colour for your hair. The process is iterated until all traces of the damaged hair colour are gone. 

For a darker shade, two different colour applications are required. The first application gives your hair the pigments needed to hold on to the new darker tone. The second brings out the perfect dark shade for your hair.

At Afrotherapy, we will assess your hair for the parts that need colour correcting and the best shades for you. 

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