Changing Your Hair Colour

Changing Your Hair Colour at Afrotherapy Hair Salon in Edmonton, North London

Do you fancy lighter hair? Or have you been considering a fashion statement like the latest silver grey hair colour? In this article, we answer some of your questions about changing your hair colour. 

Our team is highly trained in hair colour, with a full understanding of hair colour, colouring techniques and how afro and mixed race hair will respond to colour.

But, before you go all out, think about the upkeep needed for your new hair colour and consider whether it will look good on you. Maybe try holding some fabric of the same colour close to your skin to see if it suits you. Or, you could download a hair colouring app to see what that hair colour looks like edited on to a photo of you.

Better still, book in for a professional hair colour consultation by calling us on 0208 345 5621.

Please note: All hair colour bookings will require a skin patch test 48 hours before your appointment so please contact us to arrange this after making your booking.

Changing Afro Hair Colour from Brunette to Blonde

blonde afro hair, afrotherapy hairdressers, edmonton, londonTransforming afro or black hair colour isn’t just going to happen overnight.

To achieve the blonde look that you want, it may take two or more hair appointments.

This is because we will need to pre-lighten your hair before applying your desired blonde shade.

Also, our black colour specialists will need to assess the condition of your hair before deciding the best way to proceed. 

Book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation to start your journey towards the sensational hair colour you’ve been dreaming of.

Transforming Your Hair from Blonde to Red or Brunette

summer afro hair trends, afro hair specialist salon, edmonton, north londonBleached blonde hair may need to be pre-treated with a deep conditioning treatment to make sure that it is in good condition so that we can further colour it.

We also may suggest a gradual colour change so that you can get used to the new you.  We can do this by adding in some gorgeous lowlights, or by opting for a beautiful balayage look.

Of course, if you want to take the plunge and change your hair colour in one go, that is also absolutely fine and we will help you with this transition.

Whether you want blonde, red, brunette or any other colour, the hair specialists at the best afro hair salon in North London can help.

Fashion Colour Changes 

bright red afro hair colour, afro hair salon in edmontonAll major hair colour transformations will take longer than your usual hair colouring appointment time to achieve. The health of your hair is of the highest importance to us and we will always be honest with you about how long it will take and what can be achieved.

If you’ve got your heart set on a funky fashion hair colour such as lilac or pink, then be aware that the colour intensity will depend on the base colour of your hair.

For example, dark hair will display a magenta colour much less vibrantly than if that colour were applied to lighter hair.


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